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Doug the Pug Wants You to Meet His New Product Line

Nonipup features all-natural, sustainably sourced products, two shampoos and two body salves, using ingredients that helped make Doug’s life better.

by Maia Welbel
August 14, 2023
Doug the Pug with Nonipup products
Courtesy of @nonipup

Petstagram all-star Doug the Pug has taken on the worlds of influencing, voice acting, and book publishing. Now, he’s got his paws in a new industry, and pets everywhere can get in on it as of today. Nonipup is Doug the Pug’s first foray into the pet-product space, focusing on feel-good grooming with all-natural ingredients. He might have the most boopable nose around, but even the world’s most famous Pug needs a good shampoo and gentle itch relief to keep his coat smooth and skin healthy. 

Leslie Mosier, Doug’s mom, says his tail has been wagging with anticipation to see Nonipup products help other dogs the way they’ve helped him. An 11-year-old pup, Doug has been feeling better than ever, surrounded by the loving holistic health team that inspired this grooming line. 

Since Leslie adopted Doug as a puppy in 2012, the pair have been inseparable. Over 18 million people tune in on the daily for a dose of his floppy tongue and infectious grin. Doug also started The Doug the Pug Foundation in 2020 to support children and their families who are dealing with life threatening illnesses. By visiting kids in person and allocating funds to alleviate financial burdens associated with care, Doug, Leslie, and the whole Doug the Pug team hope to bring smiles and levity to those who need them. When he’s not testing new grooming products or giving slobbery kisses to new friends, Doug loves checking in on his newest family members — a set of 11 fluffy chickens!

With all the curly-tailed flair Doug brings to the internet, of course his pet care brand is a delight in equal measure. The Wildest chatted with Leslie about launching Nonipup, her and Doug’s dreams for the brand’s future, and what it means to be a “Chief Pawduct Officer.”

Doug the Pug Nonipup
Courtesy of @nonipup

Let’s start with the basics: What is Nonipup and what products are you launching with?

Nonipup helps pets live long and happy lives by equipping their owners with the resources and mindset to approach pet care holistically. Our all-natural, ethically developed, and sustainably sourced products celebrate our furry friends and turn mundane moments into precious memories. 

Nonipup is launching with four products. Two shampoos: Luminous Lavender (a real help for your pup’s allergies) and Lucky Lemongrass, and two salves: Boop Butter™ and Calm Balm (also great for allergies). They are all formulated with all-natural and human-grade ingredients. 

Wow, those sound like products I’d want to try.

The shampoo formula is truly the best we have ever tried on Doug. Not only do they smell absolutely incredible and are made with all-natural ingredients, but they lather so well and leave Doug’s coat so soft. We get compliments all the time on how soft he is. The lavender shampoo is very soothing, and the lemongrass is incredible for protection against outdoor pests.

The salves are both truly magical and were formulated by Doug’s herbalist, Rita Hogan. We have used them on him for years, and we have never found anything that works the way that they do. The Boop Butter™ has helped with Doug’s crusty nose — in just a few days of applying it we see major results. It’s formulated with all-natural soothing botanicals like calendula and shea oil for all types of dry skin conditions. The Calm Balm is an incredible salve that I even honestly use on myself! You can use our Calm Balm for your dog’s skin, ears, or anything itchy, scratchy, ouchy, and bumpy. It’s a must have for hot spots. These salves work together in tandem, with one treating dry conditions and one treating wet. 

What made you decide to launch a product line? Why was now the right time to do so?

We had a big health scare with Doug the Pug a few years back. He developed something called immune-mediated thrombocytopenia. His immune system almost killed him because of the allergy medication he was on. Luckily, after stopping the medication and a lengthy stay in the ER, he was able to bounce back and no longer has the condition. This experience opened our eyes to the importance of giving him all-natural, non-toxic products for his day-to-day needs. 

It also led to us finding a health team for Doug: an herbalist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, you name it. We completely revamped his food, grooming, and supplement protocol to reflect a more fresh lifestyle. As we began the quest of natural health for Doug and made these changes, we watched Doug’s health soar. His coat became softer and shinier, he does not have much graying for his age, and best of all, he is happy and running around like a puppy. 

And I’m sure you feel better having only natural products in his grooming routine.

I also personally have a disease called endometriosis, which has forced me to re-examine the quality of products in our home. It turns out ingredients, like synthetic fragrances, are detrimental to not only my personal hormone health, but to our dogs, too. 

After going through what we went through, we noticed that there weren’t many options for trustworthy dog products with stellar ingredients. Doug has taught me a beautiful gift of going for our dreams, and this was a dream we had talked about for a while. Now, it’s finally becoming a reality, and it’s all in the perfect time.

Doug the Pug with Nonipup products
Courtesy of @nonipup

Why did you want to get into grooming products specifically?

Once we saw how well these formulas worked on our Dougie, we knew we had to share them with the world and give people a clean and trustworthy option. There’s something very personal about grooming products, giving your dog a bath, and treating their issues, like crusty noses and hot spots. It’s all rooted in love, and there’s nothing quite like watching your dog do the zoomies and smell good, or see their issues heal. For us, dogs are more than just pets — they’re an important part of our lives and families, and we come together in the shared mission of helping them live long, healthy lives. 

The exciting thing about Nonipup is that we have big plans to expand beyond grooming and develop Doug-approved and tested supplements. So, stay tuned! 

What is special about Nonipup as a Doug the Pug brand? 

Doug recently shared that he lost over five pounds, and the response from the dog community has been amazing. It’s proven further just how much as dog owners we want to see our dogs not just be happy, but thrive and live as healthy of a life as they can. We all want the best for our dogs, but sometimes it can be hard to sift through all that is out there. We know that Doug The Pug is a trusted voice with a large platform, and we take immense pride in having Nonipup be a trustworthy brand that we can recommend. 

Has Doug been part of the development process?

Yes! To start, Doug is the CPO — Chief Pawduct Officer. All of these products have been tested on Doug for years and once we saw the magic of them, it gave us the confidence to start an entire new brand around it. We will absolutely never put out a Nonipup product that we wouldn’t give Doug ourselves. That’s our promise from our family to yours. 

What are you most excited about with this launch?

I am truly excited about the salves getting into the hands of dog owners and seeing the before and after photos. At the end of the day, I just want Nonipup’s products to help dogs and give dog owners that feeling of relief and happiness that they are doing the best for their pet. The salves have become such a must have in my life, to where I won’t travel without them for Doug. I know others will feel the same when they get their hands on them! Plus, they smell so good.

author Maia Welbel

Maia Welbel

Maia is a freelance writer focused on using storytelling to help people treat our planet with more compassion. She lives in Chicago with her perfect pets, Maxx the dog and Rubie the cat. Find her on  and @mwelbel.

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