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Hit the streets with your pet in gear that’s safe and stylish — from a very ’90s colorblock dog raincoat to a funny (but necessary) ID tag. Your new pet will be the talk of the neighborhood as soon as they set out on a walk or settle in their window perch. 

Isabella Oliveira & Toby
Photography: Felisha Tolentino
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Our dogs get us off the couch, out of the house, and moving our little biped bodies, simply based on the fact that they have to poop and pee outside and need someone to take them. Sometimes, though, they just need to get outside to simply move their little bodies, bathroom breaks notwithstanding. Your puppy is also a good excuse for you to take that stupid walk for your stupid (read: vitally important) mental health — and moving those bodies is so good for you both.

But you’re a stylish pet parent who cares about how your dog looks as they strut their stuff down the street, and you care about the earth (good on you!); you won’t buy just anything for your dog’s daily walk fit. 

When it comes to cats, well, they deserve to look their very best even when they’re just slinking from their cat tower to their litter box. Below, our hand-selected products (many of which are discounted) that include cat and puppy harnesses, dog booties, the best poop bags (necessary!) and more. As Jane Fonda once wrote, “An exercise outfit helps because it sets this time apart from the rest of your day and makes it matter more!” So, put on your sweatband and leggings, grab your pet and their head-turning, eco-friendly accessories, and get moving.

Toby has been adopted, but you can meet more adorable pups like him on Adopt a Pet.

Best Hands-Free Dog Leash

found my animal rope leash

If you’re the kind of person whose exercise is largely informed by your dog‘s need to run, you may want to consider a hands-free leash. Imagine being able to hold water (for both of you) or a little mid-run reward for your four-legged running buddy. Beloved by pet parents and trainers alike, the Found My Dog Animal Rope leash is a winner. “The leashes are long enough that they can be worn around the waist, leaving hands free for giving treats,“ says Annie Grossman, professional dog trainer and owner and founder of School For the Dogs. Plus, they’re hand-crafted to be incredibly durable and come in tons of adorable colorways. 

Found My Dog was created to bring awareness to the importance of dog rescue. They’ve collaborated with Petco for a collection with proceeds going toward rescues; and last year, they teamed up with actor Justin Theroux on the Kuma Ombre Rope Leash, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to Austin Pets Alive. Part of the proceeds from this sale will go to supporting animal welfare — to date, they’ve donated to over 70 rescue organizations — and their website features a page of adoptable dogs waiting to be adorned in Found My Animal’s stylish accessories. —Sean Zucker and Avery Felman

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Best Dog Boots

Mojave Wagwear Wagwellies lime green boots

Crocs have gone through one hell of a cultural journey in their relatively short life. Beginning in the early 2000s, the foam clogs faced initial ridicule for their bulky and cartoonish-looking design but have since become the go-to daytime footwear choice for many a stylish celeb. They are now making their way to dog parks — and not just via the feet of chic pet parents. 

Enter: the WagWellies Mojave. These Croc-inspired dog shoes are a more ventilated update on wagwear’s OG boot. By matching the popular clogs’ mildly punctured design, it lets pups’ toes breathe and allows for all-year use. This offers consistent protection against hot pavement in the summer and icy stairs in the winter. “Booties can serve as paw protection from freezing cold, blistering heat, and jagged terrain,” Dr. Alycia Washington tells The Wildest. “They can also help prevent abrasions in dogs that drag their paws due to injury or neurological disease.” —SZ

Best Puppy Harness

Maxbone puppy harness in caramel

When leash-training a puppy, it’s important to start with tools that will set your dog up for success, while minimizing any potential harm. “While you can train a dog with just a collar, a harness is safer on their necks — especially growing puppies,” Lauren Novack, a dog behavior consultant at Behavior Vets in NYC, tells The Wildest. This “Easy Fit” harness from Maxbone is a particularly good pick for puppies: It’s super adjustable, easy to put onto a wiggling puppy body, and made with soft neoprene material that allows for breathing room and won’t constrict airways. This is particularly important for puppies and brachycephalic breeds who are more prone to breathing problems, like French Bulldogs, Pugs, and Boston Terriers. Additionally, the harness — which, we must note, is also very cute — comes with a handle on the back for easy grabbing when your pup gets a bit too curious. 

Dog behaviorist Karen B. London recommends getting your puppy accustomed to their new harness by putting it on indoors and doing a bit of training before adventuring outside. She also recommends starting slow and practicing patience. “Don’t push the pace — let your pup amble as slowly as they like.” Better to show off the cute harness that way, too. —Kelly Conaboy

Best Dog Walk Kit

wild one walk kit

Wild One has a well-established cult status among millennial pet parents. The brand launched in 2018, bridging the gap between functional gear and fashion-forward accessories, and today counts pet influencers like @boobie_billie as fans. When it comes to loving dogs, Wild One walks the walk: They’ve partnered with Badass Animal Rescue to sponsor the rescue of a pet a week and help fund rescue trips, medical bills, adoption events, and more. 

Wild One’s walk kit comes available in a number of colorways (mix and match if you want!), and it’s soft, stretchy, and adjustable to prevent any chafing. The harness uses a trusted back-clip leash attachment and secure under-the-arm-attachment style, which comes highly recommended by veterinarian and The Wildest Collective member Dr. John Iovino. “It’s just more practical when they walk and sniff, especially if you have a short dog,” he says. “It’s a lot easier to keep the leash above ground and just a little bit of tension when it’s hooked on the back than the front.” —AF

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Best Dog Collar

dog+bone martingale collar

Seven years ago, Dog + Bone set out to prove that not all collars are created equal with their crown jewel: the martingale collar. Also known as a “limited-slip collar” or the “Greyhound collar,” the martingale collar has two loops. When correctly fitted, the design allows whoever is walking the dog to tighten the collar without choking them. It’s virtually inescapable and provides pet parents with additional security, as well as a solution for over-exuberant pups. 

Beloved by veterinarians, trainers, and rescues alike, the martingale collar comes highly recommended by experts. Robert Haussmann, a certified professional dog trainer and The Wildest Collective member, recommends martingale collars for his clients. “I encourage dog-walking companies to use martingale collars as a backup for whatever device their clients are using...just in case there’s an equipment failure.” —Jinnie Lee and Madeleine Aggeler

Best Cat Collar

supakit breakaway cat collar

We don’t recommend that you let your cat roam outdoors while wearing this natural leather collar, or another kitty might try to snatch it. Still, it’s a classy accessory for an indoor cat. If you weren’t simply sold by the stylish colorways, the quick-release breakaway clasps make this collar a no-brainer. It also has a brass bell that will alert you to your cat’s whereabouts but can be removed as soon as it gets annoying. 

A caveat for adventure cats: Cat behavior consultant Marilyn Krieger cautions that you should never attach a leash to a cat’s collar. “Leashes attached to neck collars (or harnesses with attachments at the neck) are dangerous,” Krieger says. “The collar portion puts pressure on the front of the neck, which can cause serious injuries such as cutting off air supply.” If you’re taking your cat out on the town, opt for a harness instead. —Hilary Weaver

Best Leather Dog Leash

ware of the dog leather leash

There are lots of quality leather leashes on the market, but there is something extra special about this one from Ware of the Dog. They are made in New York using colorful and playfully textured leathers sourced from tanneries in France and Italy. “Our leashes and collars are designed to be fun and stand out,” says Ware of the Dog founder Jackie Rosenthal, who started her company following a long and illustrious career in the fashion industry, working for brands like Comme des Garçons, Nina Ricci, and Lanvin. “They have been in our collection for 10 years and still continue to be very popular and our best sellers.”

Ware of the Dog’s two-tone leather leashes are four feet long, feature stainless steel hardware, and come in three widths to accommodate the needs of dogs big and small. Each leash also has a coordinating collar (sold separately) so you can mix and match to your heart’s content! —Charles Manning

Best Reflective Dog Leash

wilderdog reflective leash

On a walk or a hike, there are few worse feelings than when you get the sense that your dog might be stronger than their leash. That fear is eliminated with Wilder Dog’s Islander reflective leash. It’s made from super sturdy, tightly spun rock climbing rope and is secured with a carabiner lock, allowing it to stand up to even the strongest of pullers. It’s also super versatile, with the ability to be used hands-free for those who like to exercise with their pups, and tied into knots for variations in length. But one of the biggest benefits of this leash is that it has reflective tape woven into its mesh, making it safe for you to walk your dog in darkness or low light. 

The tape reflects light to make your dog visible to both drivers and pedestrians, helping to lower the possibility of an accident. This is particularly useful on nights when the sun sets early, and on morning walks, but it’s also a great safety measure for hikes and other outdoor activities in general. —KC

Best Cat Harness

sleepypod cat harness

This cat harness was designed with escape artists in mind, which is important, according to cat behavior consultant Marilyn Krieger. “Leashes attached to neck collars (or harnesses with attachments at the neck) are dangerous,” she says. “Aside from giving your cat the potential to slip out from under them, the collar portion puts pressure on the front of the neck, which can cause serious injuries, such as cutting off air supply. Also, they can strangle cats!” Thankfully, this breathable mesh vest is at once lightweight and heavy duty. Plus, the martingale feature cinches if your cat tries to wiggle free, so you can both walk with peace of mind. —Kellie Gormly

Best Dog Poop Bags

earth rated dog poop bags

It might seem silly to care about the color and style of a bag that literally holds your dog’s poop, but it definitely makes sense to care about its durability. Plus, it can be difficult to decipher which products on the market will work best for you and your dog — especially when it comes to the biodegradable versus compostable debate. The Wildest Collective member Dave Coast says that “the harsh truth is that most dog poop bags are made of plastic and will take hundreds of years to decompose, therefore flooding landfills and creating air pollution.”

Earth Rated poop bags are made from 65 percent consumer-recycled plastic, which means, as their site says, “You’re giving a second life to more than five million pounds of landfill-bound plastic each year.” And if you’ve ever had to pick up multiple gifts from your dog on a walk, you’ll know that you’re gonna want a thick bag. The Earth Rated bags are thick little guys that are 100 percent leak-proof, which is definitely a, um,  plus — IYKYK. —AF and HW

Best Dog Poop Bag Holder

wild one poop bag holder

If you thought we ran out of positive things to say about Wild One, you’re sorely mistaken. The poop bag carrier features an elastic strap that makes it easy to attach to any leash of your choosing. Constructed from a buttery soft plastic shell, it comes with one roll of eco-friendly poop bags that can be easily inserted via the twist-top lid. If your pup is already rocking the rest of the brand’s walk kit, you might as well finish off the look. Who doesn’t love a monochromatic moment? —AF

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Best Vegan Dog Collar

daisy by shelby dixie sage

Dog collars are pretty straightforward, so it can be difficult to add innovation in a way that feels truly unique without sacrificing function. And yet, that is exactly what Shelby Eastman has done with this lovely, wavy-edged collar from Daisy by Shelby. Eastman started her brand in 2022 after struggling to find dog accessories that aligned with her own aesthetic and desire for quality products. “Everything felt so minimal and basic,” she says. “I didn’t see anything that fit with my personal style. I just wanted to create something that spoke to the cool, creative people that I constantly surround myself with that have dogs.”

Made of durable vegan leather, this groovy collar features rust-resistant zinc alloy and copper hardware and comes in five sizes to accommodate all dogs no matter how petite or robust their necks may be. The latest mint green offering is already a hit with Eastman’s well-dressed customers and their dogs, so be sure to get yours while you still can! —CM

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Best Luxury Pet Collar

pagerie collar

Are you OK with having your ensemble overshadowed by your dog’s? If not, maybe look away — this collar from Pagerie is not for those prone to fashion-based jealousy. Made from luxurious grain leather and featuring a chic stainless steel turnlock, this adjustable collar is perfect for dogs who require (and deserve) elegance in their accessories.

Pagerie founder Mandy Madden started the brand because she felt there was a gap in the market for stylish dog guardians who wanted their pups to look equally fashionable. She also wanted to make sure her products were sustainable. “All of our materials are sourced from Europe, which has much stricter regulations when it comes to sustainability and climate change [than the US or other parts of the world],” she tells The Wildest. As a result, Pagerie’s leather is 100 percent REACH-certified. So you can at least feel good about that, while you’re feeling envious of how your dog is stealing the spotlight. —KC

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Btw, our editors (and their pets) picked out these products. They’re always in stock at the time we publish, but there’s a chance they’ll sell out. If you do buy through our links, we may earn a commission. (We’ve got a lot of toys to buy over here, you know?)

Photography: Felisha Tolentino
Styling: Lindsey Hartman
Hair: Phoebe Seligman
Makeup: Jessie Bishop
Art Direction: Hannah Huffman
Production: Hyperion LA
Producer: Adam Cohen
Models: Isabella Oliveira & Toby
Special thanks to Wags and Walks Rescue

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