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Shop the safest pet essentials for at home and on the road — from dog crates to carriers and pet seat belts. Before you know it, you’ll be at your destination safe and sound.

Noen Eubanks & Amanda
Photography: Felisha Tolentino

Your pet’s packing list might be tiny compared to yours, but they need a surprising amount of stuff when they’re out in the world. First off, you need a way to carry them, and that plastic carrier with scary metal bars is definitely not an option for your pet who likes things a little more...comfortable.

Soft carriers made from recycled materials and secure car seats, hammocks, or weekend carriers will keep your pet from anxiety-howling while you’re trying to get from A to B. And travel water bottles and bowls and food carriers (many of which are discounted) will keep them hydrated, full, and happy. Fewer complaints, more cuddles. Happy trails (and tails) to you!

Amanda has been adopted, but you can meet more adorable cats like her on Adopt a Pet.

Best Dog Tote

Just Fred puffy weekend tote in black

The Just Fred Weekend dog tote is perfect for carrying around your pet without sacrificing style. It’s water-repellant, sturdy, cushioned, and cozy for your pup’s comfort — and made with 100 percent vegan leather. “I really believe that our fellow creatures should be our friends, not our bags,” Just Fred founder Tennille Teague says. “So, when I started designing the collection, the idea of using animal products felt misaligned with that philosophy and with the company’s mission of ensuring kindness in every choice we make.” 

Just Fred also uses their influence (and profits) to advocate for senior dogs and is partnering with Badass Animal Rescue in Brooklyn to help encourage senior dog adoptions. “Senior dogs are some of the most vulnerable in any shelter,” Badass founder Krista Almqvist says. “The stress of a shelter is tough on any dog but for seniors — often abandoned in their later years — there’s an added layer.” —Charles Manning

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Best Mobile Pet Bed

sleepypod mobile pet bed

Everyone deserves to be comfy while traveling, and your pet’s no exception. This mobile pet bed by Sleepypod is a crash-tested car seat, convenient carrier, and luxurious bed all in one. “Sleepypod is my go-to for car travel, from road trips to short trips across town for playdates,” says dog trainer and The Wildest Collective member Nicole Ellis. “Sleepypod has passed the safety test performed by Center for Pet Safety, a third-party company that does crash testing.” 

The bed is designed with removable plush bedding, adjustable padded shoulder straps, secure and non-abrasive mesh panels, and a water-repellant lining. Your pet will never dread a vet visit again. —Sio Hornbuckle

Best Crash-Tested Car Harness for Dogs

sleepypod sports harness

Whether you’re planning a cross-country adventure or a weekend getaway, you’ll need the right gear. A squirming dog in the backseat is more than distracting for the driver — it’s super dangerous, too. “Car safety should be top of mind, so while a dog’s tongue slapping against their face in the wind is the picture of pure joy, keeping your pup contained in the car is a safer bet,” says certified dog behaviorist Lindsay Hamrick

Taking your dog for a ride in the car doesn’t have to be a game of slip-and-slide when your leather cushions aren’t coming away nearly as unscathed as your pup. Ensure your dog stays in one place with this secure harness that has proven its safety chops through vehicle crash tests. Compatible with the universal seat belt loop and tested at the standard set for child safety restraints, Sleepypod’s harness will make sure your pet arrives safely to their next adventure destination. —Liza Darwin

Best Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

diggs passenger carrier

Most airlines have strict baggage guidelines, so it’s lucky there are ample carriers created specifically for flying — and Diggs’ Travel Carrier is the best of the bunch. It features airline-approved dimensions and is designed to keep your pup comfortable in the skies. It’s easy to clean, crash-tested for car travel, and thoughtfully designed with a detachable cross-body strap, D-ring clip for your keys, and collar tether clip to secure your pet when the carrier is open.

While this is an  ideal carrier for flights, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Elizabeth Shines advises that longer trips may require additional care and consideration. “A person should also take into consideration how things will play out during layovers and other situations that prolong travel,“ she says. “For instance, travel by air often includes long layovers in large airports where one might have to walk a mile or longer to get to a connection. For this reason, a carrier with wheels that can be pulled rather than carried may be preferable than one to carry.” —Sean Zucker

Best Cat Backpack

You can thank Taylor Swift for single-handedly starting the cat backpack trend. Of all the memorable scenes in Miss Americana, cat parents will never forget watching Tay board a private jet with her Scottish Fold Olivia Benson sitting glaring at the cameraman from a spacesuit-style backpack porthole. Our favorite of the backpacks out there is this adorable bubble by Lollimeow. This large backpack provides plenty of room and features a rounded window for your cat's viewing pleasure. Plus, mesh sides for ventilation and extra-padded straps to support your back when you’re toting your kitty around. 

Not only are cat backpacks safe (as long as you zip them up), but many cats are actually cool with them (squishing themselves into small spaces is kind of their thing). “Cats can be trained to enter a carrier willingly and to be comfortable in that space,” animal behaviorist Karen B. London says. She adds that there are many practical reasons to carrier-train a cat, too. According to 2018 research, “training cats to enter and spend time in a carrier reduces stress in cats during car rides and also makes vet visits shorter.” Using a carrier can also help in the case of a natural disaster or emergency. —Caitlin Stall-Paquet

Best Pet Car Hammock

orvis car hammock

Ideal for medium and large dogs, this quilted hammock hooks onto your car’s front and rear headrests so your pup can spread out comfortably in the back seat. The water-resistant cover keeps the seat clean from dirt and pet hair, and the mesh window will allow you to keep an eye on your pup and for them to feel the cool of the AC on a hot day. More affordable dog hammocks are out there, but special touches like the no-slip backing and mesh paneling up front make the Orvis option worth the splurge. —LD

Best Pet Seat Belt

cooyoo seatbelt

Your dog is your cutest copilot, but what’s not cute are the dangers they face if they’re unrestrained. Having a pup unrestrained in the car — whether in your lap or curled up in the back seat — can cause them (and you) serious injuries. In some states, it’s illegal to drive with your dog unrestrained in the car, but a 2019 study found that only 55 percent of dog parents in the U.S. restrain their dogs. “Unrestrained pets can cause accidents,” Christina Selter, a nationally recognized pet safety expert, tells The Wildest. “We buckle up our kids, we buckle up ourselves, and even our groceries. Why are we not buckling up our pets?”

If you haven’t been restraining your dog in the car, now is the time to start. Cooyoo’s adjustable belt, made of durable material that will stand up to the sharp razor teeth of your restless dog, is here to help. You can easily clip your pup in and out of the seatbelt, providing a no hassle experience for you both. You want your dog to be safe, and they want to get out of the car as soon as possible. So, it’s a win-win. —Lisa McCormick and Hilary Weaver

Best Dog Goggles

RexSpecs goggles in orange

As climate change becomes more of a reality each passing year, we continue to suffer the consequences. For example, if you were in the greater New York City area this summer, you likely witnessed some apocalyptic-looking polluted air due to a series of Canadian wildfires. As a result, dog goggles became the trendy pet accessory of the season. And according to traveling pet parent Noah Hais, dog goggles are a must-have even if you don’t live in a major city under attack from pollution. “Besides being extremely cute and stylish, they’re protective if your dog is in the sun or sticking their face out the car window (while being strapped in of course). They also help if you’re visiting sandy places,” he tells The Wildest. The best of the bunch? Rex Specs V2.

Rex Specs are equipped with impact-resistant and UV400-rated lenses that block 99.9 percent of the sun’s UV rays. This will greatly reduce any risk of skin cancer, burning, or other damage caused by the sun. For some dogs, these goggles can also aid in minimizing allergic reactions and non-environmental issues. “Dog goggles can be very helpful for dogs for general eye protection, eye protection because of specific medical concerns, and when needed for decreasing visual stimulation for dogs who are triggered by visual stimuli,” veterinary behaviorist Dr. Valli Parthasarathy explains. —SZ

Best Pet Sling Carrier

maxbone sling

Pet parents of little dogs (we’re talking under 10 pounds), listen up: There’s a way to travel with your pup while actually elevating your wardrobe. With two zipper pockets, an adjustable shoulder strap, a pet safety latch, and a drawstring cinch, the Maxbone eco-sling is as functional as it is fashionable. Maxbone founder Parisa Fowles-Pazdro tells The Wildest that out of all of Maxbone’s stylish products, the bags are a fan favorite. “They’re so different from other dog bags out there because we designed them to look like normal bags, not dog bags,” Fowles-Pazdro says.

Plus, the eco-sling is made out of water bottles and recycled nylon, making it a sustainable choice that’s as good for the planet as it is for your pup. —SH

Best Pet Travel Water Bottle

merci collective bottle

While many cities are quickly doubling down on their cat and dog-friendliness by offering communal water bowls at parks, outside of restaurants, or near hiking trails, the unfortunate truth is that these tend to house bacteria and other toxins your pet should surely avoid. The Merci Collective Urban Oasis water bottle promises a source of clean water anytime, anywhere. Made of 100 percent eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, the bottle features a hard-sealed bamboo lid to avoid any chance of contamination to its borosilicate glass base. Not to mention, it has a hand-picked healing crystal stationed in the middle. It’s all part of the brand’s mission to design elevated everyday essentials that support pets and their parents on their healing journey together. —Dr. Lindsey Wendt

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Best Insulated Pet Food Carry Case

roverlund pet food carrier

Roverlund’s products have always existed at the intersection of fashion and function. But that shouldn’t be surprising given its founder, Jamie Knowles, was a former Vogue staffer. Taking inspiration from his seven-year-old English Cocker Spaniel, Baci, his love of travel, and his artistic career, Knowles launched Roverlund in the fall of 2019. “My background is in art and fashion, and I am also an outdoors enthusiast, so I knew the design needed to balance both of those worlds,” he tells The Wildest. Roverlund’s Out-of-Office Pet Food Travel Carry Case exemplifies this mission.

The small insulated pack is perfect for keeping food fresh, no matter what adventure you and your pup are on, whether on the road, a trail, or in the sky. It’s offered in an array of styles, including three separate camo designs, to match any travel aesthetic. Essentially, it’s the stylish lunchbox of your dog’s dreams. As if that isn’t rad enough, the brand has taken a climate pledge and donates one percent of all its revenue to environmental nonprofits. —CM

Use code THEWILDEST at checkout for 15 percent off your purchase.

Best Kibble Doggie Bag

wilderdog bag

Traveling with a dog at any time is no easy feat — add in upcoming chilly temps, and you’ve got a real challenge on your hands. It’s certainly not impossible, but our pets might just need a few extra supplies to get through the trip more easily. One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to traveling with your dog is making sure you bring enough f-o-o-d. You should be able to take that extra day of vacation without worrying that you’ll run out of the most important thing on the list (definitely in your dog’s opinion). 

Wilderdog offers a solution with a bag designed specifically for dog food. It’s got a handle that clips together at the top and an external loop where you can clip a collapsible travel bowl. If you’re planning a hiking or camping trip with your adventurous pup, it’s an easy and simple way to bring all the food you need, and keep it protected from the elements. Kiss Ziploc baggies and self-eco-shaming goodbye. —SZ and HW

Best Pet Stroller

pet rover stroller

Outside of LeBron James, Father Time catches up to us all. And with that, come physical limitations and serious lifestyle changes. Naturally, this is no different for our aging pups. Like every human NBA player, senior dogs will eventually struggle to do what they love most — going for walks. But similar to a former All-Star transitioning to sports commentary, these dogs can still enjoy their favorite activity in a new way. All they need is a solid pet stroller, like the Pet Rover Run, and someone willing to push them in it. “These devices can allow people to take their dogs on ‘walks’ when they couldnt otherwise,” veterinary behaviorist Dr. Valli Parthasarathy says.

The Pet Rover Run can fit dogs up to 50 pounds and is designed for both walking and jogging. This makes the stroller an ideal tool for active animals unwilling to give up their speed rush. It can also help dogs maintain their most beloved outdoor activities associated with walks, such as simply enjoying fresh air or marking their territory. “Using a stroller can also allow stimulation and enrichment for the dog, which is still very important for senior dogs,” Dr. Parthasarathy says. She adds that strollers are particularly helpful for smaller senior pups who are experiencing decreased mobility, decreased vision, or other physical developments associated with aging. —SZ

Best Portable Cat Litter Box

petisfam portable litter

The one big difference between traveling with your cat versus hitting the road with your dog is their bathroom needs. Your dog can pretty much pop a squat on any patch of grass but your cat really needs that litter box — and it needs to be the right litter box. “It is very important for cats to have wide boxes with an easy-to-access entrance, and keep in mind that a litter box with a cover/lid can trap in smells, which could deter cats from using the box,” says animal behaviorist Ruby Leslie. “You’ll also want to avoid pellets or anything scented and choose sand/clay litters since they mimic natural substrates cats would use in the wild like dirt or sand.”

This portable option from Petisfam is light and easy to carry, and has a zipper lid that will keep all that crumbly litter contained. It also comes with a storage bag for all your kitty’s travel essentials. Plus, it fits easily in the back of your car, leaving room for that extra suitcase your cat obviously packed full of their favorite toys. —HW

Btw, our editors (and their pets) picked out these products. They’re always in stock at the time we publish, but there’s a chance they’ll sell out. If you do buy through our links, we may earn a commission. (We’ve got a lot of toys to buy over here, you know?)

Photography: Felisha Tolentino
Styling: Lindsey Hartman
Hair: Phoebe Seligman
Makeup: Jessie Bishop
Art Direction: Hannah Huffman
Production: Hyperion LA
Producer: Adam Cohen
Models: Noen Eubanks & Amanda
Special thanks to Stray Cat Alliance

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