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The Best Coats for Dogs in 2024

Keep your snow angel warm this winter in these durable options.

by Rebecca Caplan
January 23, 2024
Woman with dog in Paikka coat.
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This might come as a surprise to some, but your dog’s fur coat isn’t always enough when it comes to braving particularly frosty winters. Sure, we’ve all seen the videos of the Huskies raging at their parents who want them to come inside in negative 20 temps. But if you have a dog who wasn’t bred to race in the snow in literal Siberia, you might want to consider bundling them up. After all, every dog has to go outside at some point or another (if only they knew how to use the toilet during a snowstorm!)

“Dressing your dog for winter weather can make them more comfortable and more willing to head outsider,” behaviorist Karen London wrote for The Wildest. “Warm-weather clothing may make them willing to stay outside long enough to take care of business.”

Of course, your dog’s outerwear needs are dependent on a few factors including breed, fur-type, age, and more. Shorter-haired dogs often require heavier jackets, while older dogs might benefit from jackets that combine warmth with easy wearability.

Coats should also be selected for different weather conditions and occasions, too. There are those rare winter days that are dry, while others just keep the precipitation coming. In snow, sleet, slush or rain, this guide will help you choose the best winter coats for your dog. 

Best winter coats for dogs

Puppia winter coat in black

Wrestling your dog into a harness and winter coat is no one’s idea of a winter wonderland. That’s why we chose this two-in-one harness by Puppia as one of our best overall winter coats for dogs.

Lined with super soft fleece to keep your pup extra warm, this secure harness coat ensures safety on all levels for your pup. It’s also easy to take on and off. Simply zip and clip, and you and your dog are ready to brave the frosty temps. This is available in sizes in S to XXL, so make sure to measure your dog’s chest for a proper and safe fit. 

Barbour winter dog coat in green

If you’re looking for a coat that makes your dog look equally snatched and cozy — or at least stylish and cozy — consider this belted Barbour jacket. Lightweight yet insulating, this jacket’s stylish belt ensures a secure and customizable fit, giving it a leg up when it comes to movability.

And, because of its secure belting feature, this coat can grow with your dog if they are currently a puppy or on a fitness journey. Offered in sizes XS to XL, this coat also comes in four classic winter colors.

maxbone metallic jacket

Trendy yet functional, this metallic puffer by Maxbone was our winner for our 2023 Best In Show List. Easy to take on and off thanks to its snap-on design, this puffer also features a hole at the top for easy leash access. Its eye-catching metallic fabric also makes it the perfect option for those pitch-black afternoon walks, allowing cyclists and motorists to better see your pup. The one downside? This coat is currently sold out in most sizes, though it’s normally available in sizes S to XXL.

Best coats for small dog breeds

GF Pet Sand Retro Dog Puffer

This retro puffer by GF Pet is perfect for small dogs, thanks to its extensive size range starting at 2XS. Beyond that, this coat’s unique design, featuring one large space for the front quarters, allows a unique moveability that smaller legs will appreciate. In addition, this coat’s water-repellent features are a must for small, shiver-prone dogs. This option starts at $44 for the 2XS size and is $50 for the small size. If you have a big dog who wants to match your little guy, this puffer is available for $64 in 2XL.

Dog jackets with harnesses

Best warm jackets for dogs

Best waterproof jackets

paikka winter coat

Perfectly purple, this waterproof option by PAIKKA has tons of other great design features. Constructed with 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation and a secure adjustable waist belt, this coat is designed to keep warmth from getting out, while still allowing for maximum breathability. Even better, this option features reflective strips, making it ideal for walks in wet or snowy conditions. Because of its unique sizing system, make sure to measure your dog to ensure the right fit.

What should you consider when choosing the right jacket for your dog?

When choosing a winter jacket for your dog, prioritize the right fit. Opt for a jacket with insulation, such as fleece or synthetic materials, to keep them warm. Make sure it’s water-resistant and windproof to shield them from rain, snow, and chilly winds. Other factors, such as breed background, age, fur-type, and size are equally important when choosing a coat.

Short-haired breeds with no undercoat, such as Pit-mixes, will need to be suited up more often than longer-haired breeds. So, you might want to prioritize warmth and jackets that are easily maneuvered on and off. For longer haired dogs that might only have to wear a jacket in super chilly temps, consider an option that feels comfortable and movable for your dog.

Remember that frostbite is a risk for your dog, too, so while a coat is essential, keeping them out of extreme temps is also key. “The best way to prevent frostbite in dogs is to limit their exposure to the cold,” veterinarian Dr. Alycia Washington wrote for The Wildest. “Opt to spend time indoors snuggling with your pup instead of braving the cold weather.”

FAQs (People also ask):

Does my dog need a winter coat? 

As a rule of thumb, older and smaller dogs, as well as dogs with a shorter fur type, are more likely to need a jacket than other types of dogs. Signs of cold discomfort in all dogs include shivering, whining, and picking paws up off the ground. 

How should I measure my dog for a jacket?

Each coat manufacturer will tell you to measure your dog differently. However, most coats are measured based on weight or chest size, so you should know your dog’s weight in addition to measuring the circumference of their chest. 

When do dogs grow their winter coats?

In preparation for winter, dogs normally shed their coat in the fall so that they may grow a thicker, warmer coat for winter. Conversely, dogs will shed their winter coat in the spring to make way for a lighter summer coat. 

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