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Behind the Brand

As Much as We Reject Them, Routines Are Good for Us — and Our Dogs

Supplement brand Reggie’s founder on why routines set the stage for your dog’s glow-up.

by Rebecca Caplan
October 12, 2022
A dog laying on a bed sniffing hip and joint support chews from the brand Reggie.
Photo: @reggie

Although we fight it, structure typically makes humans more productive. We might get excited about a new day planner and then want to toss it on a sacrificial bonfire after week two, but routines are not a bad thing. They’re actually good for us — and for our dogs.

For a pup, it is essential to be able to predict meal times, play times, and bathroom breaks. Even zoomies are scientifically proven to happen at certain times in a dog’s schedule. Zoomies aside, the need for a routine is not just a dog thing; studies show that human wellness can be improved by a strict but enjoyable routine (gotta schedule time in that dreaded planner for the human zoomies, too). Turns out, following a regimen is just another way our pups prove to us that they’re more human than we think.

That’s how Josh Weiss got the idea for Reggie, a supplement brand designed to improve your dog’s wellness by tapping into their intuitive desire for routine. Launched in late 2020, Reggie insists on a holistic approach to pet wellness that mirrors the approach to human wellness, while still being entirely tailored to our pets’ needs.

reggie chews in orange
Courtesy of Reggie

The brand even goes so far as to create unique visual markers for each of their supplements to ensure your pet forms a regimented association that plays into their natural desire for routine. In doing so, your pet is able to integrate wellness into their regimen in an almost human-like way, and their humans are finally able to give their pets the care they give themselves.

The Wildest sat down with Weiss to discuss the philosophy of regimen behind Reggie, what pet parents should look for when shopping for supplements — and what is next for the brand.

Tell us a little bit about you and your pups, Jordy and Teddy! 

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I have had an eclectic business background; I have done everything from [being] an online fashion retailer selling prom dresses to working in finance. But my true passion came full-circle with Reggie.

Reggie is short for “regimen” because I believe having a regimen creates happier, healthier people and pups. When I am not striving to better the lives of dogs, I am a well-respected semi-pro fantasy sports player, and I enjoy playing fetch with my own two dogs, Jordy and Teddy. They come into the office with me and we use them in photoshoots, Instagram ads, and have team dog park time; you name it. Having them be part of our everyday routine is really organic and authentic to the brand.

reggie treats in yellow container
Courtesy of Reggie

What motivated you to start Reggie? 

I’m a lifelong dog owner and supplement-taker myself, and I felt a motivation to educate pet parents on the benefits of preventative supplementation for their pets. I realized there weren’t any go-to products available on the market that I even wanted to recommend to my fellow pet parents. I began my research with friends and family, and eventually started working with vets to build a science-backed and vet approved supplement that uses all natural ingredients I would put in my own body, like ashwagandha, L-theanine, and other nutrient dense ingredients.

What is some advice you can offer pet parents on how to shop for pet supplements?

When shopping, you will notice some products on the market don’t use nearly enough of a specific ingredient for it to actually have an effect. That is why we’re extremely focused on science-backed inclusion rates for our active ingredients. And, just like how we watch what ingredients we put in our bodies, we like to make sure there’s not too many ingredients, and that the ingredients in our supplements are ingredients you are familiar with. As a rule — organic, all natural ingredients are best, and the shorter the ingredient list, the better. 

In addition to Reggie’s retail business, the company also offers a telehealth service. Why did you want to integrate telehealth into the platform?

We are excited to be experimenting with telehealth. During the pandemic, we realized not everyone was comfortable going into a vet office — or some pets don’t like going in at all. We thought this was a great way to offer an anxiety-free way for pets to get treatments, just like humans.

rebecca caplan

Rebecca Caplan

Rebecca Caplan is a writer based in Brooklyn whose work has been featured in The New Yorker, Reductress, and Vulture. She lives in Brooklyn with her perfect, toothless dog Moose.

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