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This Pet Superfood Brand Will Spark Joy in Your Life

Bundle x Joy is all about bringing cheer to pet parenthood — and your dog’s balanced diet.

by Maia Welbel
June 1, 2023
Bundle x Joy food bag and supplements
Courtesy of Bundle x Joy
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After spending 15 years working with some of the largest pet retailers and manufacturers, Bundle x Joy founder Jess Berger found the pet industry…lacking. Mostly, she saw that there wasn’t nearly as much diversity as there should be, and it failed to reflect consumers’ actual points of view. As a first-generation American Latina, Berger wanted to create a pet company that uplifted entrepreneurs of marginalized identities and gave pet parents an experience of joy.

Find Your Joy: Bundle x Joy’s Origin Story

Bundle x Joy has only been in operation for eight months, but they’ve already built a devoted following of dog lovers for whom the brand’s cheerful and purpose-driven messaging resonates. “We wanted to make products that people wouldn’t want to hide away in their cabinets,” Berger tells The Wildest. She saw an opportunity to make the experience more like buying wellness products — when you’d likely be perusing beautifully packaged products marketed in ways that feel aligned with who you are as a consumer.

Bundle x Joy’s pastel-hued supplement jars and food bags and cutely illustrated superfood treat bags look right at home on a thoughtfully curated kitchen counter. And the transparency of their mission fits in with millennial and Gen Z shoppers’ preference for brands that share their values.

What’s inside the package is, of course, important, too. “I was looking at how we could put the same care into our ingredients as goes into any supplement I would want to take myself,” Berger says. She formulated Bundle x Joy’s products to promote dogs’ holistic wellbeing, and each is reviewed by a team of nutritionists to ensure quality and safety.

Superfood ingredients are the recipe MVPs. Gutsy Digestive Supplement, for example, contains papaya enzymes, probiotics, and flax meal, all of which are her go-to tummy trouble solutions for the dogs in her life. “You can actually see the whole food ingredients in the products, which makes me personally feel better about giving them to my dog than if they were just brown and round.” 

Like a Vitamin, But Better

As a human, you’re probably more likely to take a daily vitamin if it’s in the form of a delicious gummy rather than a big dusty pill — it’s the same for pups. The Glowing Skin x Coat Supplement is made with wild Alaskan salmon oil and plant-based superfoods, including kelp, turmeric, apples, coconut, pumpkin, rosemary, and sweet potatoes, and promotes silkier, healthier fur. The Radiant Hip x Joint Supplement includes glucosamine and green-lipped mussel to help encourage joint flexibility and mobility. 

When you buy Bundle x Joy’s treats and chews for your furry friend, you’re also supporting an effort to empower women entrepreneurs. “We’re not shy about our mission to give back,” Berger adds. “Our packaging has ‘We fund women’ front and center.” In light of the fact that less than three percent of female founders receive venture capital funding, Bundle x Joy donates three percent of profits to benefit women in entrepreneurship and their local community.

The brand partners with nonprofit organizations that provide aid for women in need, and offers mentorship to women in the pet space wanting to launch their own businesses. “We’re still testing things out and seeing where we can have the most positive impact,” Berger says. The team hopes to continue growing their contributions not only financially, but through integrated community care and support.

Bundle x Joy understands that bringing joy to pet people everywhere extends further than surprise gifts in every package (though that helps, too!).

author Maia Welbel

Maia Welbel

Maia is a freelance writer focused on using storytelling to help people treat our planet with more compassion. She lives in Chicago with her perfect pets, Maxx the dog and Rubie the cat. Find her on and @mwelbel.

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