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Pet Cremation: How Much Does It Cost?

You never want to think about it, but it’s important to plan.

by Savannah Admire
March 21, 2024
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Illustration: Bryony Moss

Losing a pet is never easy. Sure, you knew going in that you’d likely outlive your dog or cat, but that doesn’t make the end any less difficult. Whether your pet passes away at a ripe old age or after an illness like cancer, the farewell is never anything less than heartbreaking.

Along with the grief of saying goodbye to your best friend come practical considerations, some of which are time-sensitive. Do you want to do something to memorialize your pet? Should you bury your pet or have them cremated? 

Many pet parents choose cremation for its affordability and convenience, as well as the option to have a memento of their pet, like an urn or even jewelry. Understanding the pet cremation costs ahead of time can help you feel more fully prepared when the time comes, and ensure that you receive exactly the service you want. 

What does pet cremation include? 

The process of reducing matter by exposing it to intense heat, cremation is a popular choice for pet parents, both for its convenience and affordability compared to burial. There are three different types of pet cremation:

  • Communal or group cremation, in which multiple animals are cremated at once

  • Individual or partitioned cremation, in which the bodies are kept separate in a group cremation to enable identification of the remains

  • Private cremation, in which your pet is the only animal being cremated

While communal cremation is the most affordable (around $30 to $70), because the remains can’t be identified, you can’t request that your pet’s ashes be returned to you. If you want to keep the remains in an urn or some other memento, you should choose individual or private cremation. 

Some crematories even offer hydro cremations, which is a water-based alternative that still results in the same ash remains but has a lower environmental impact than traditional cremation. 

You may also have the option of having your pet’s ashes stored in a decorative box or urn, which you can purchase from the crematorium at an additional fee. Some companies even create unique jewelry, keychains, and other small items, so you can always keep your beloved pet near you. 

Factors impacting costs

How much does pet cremation cost? The answer varies widely depending on a number of factors, including what type of cremation you choose, your location, and your pet’s size. Optional add-ons, like decorative urns or keepsakes, can also result in a higher cost than a standard cremation. 

Animal size and weight

Cremation quotes vary depending on the size and weight of the pet. The larger the animal, the more time they will take to cremate and the more space will be needed. For this reason, the facility will likely ask about the type of pet and their weight before providing you with a quote. 


Just like any other type of pet service, such as veterinary care or boarding, the cost of cremation varies depending on location. For example, a private cremation for even a small pet in New York City could start at $300, while in a smaller city or town, the same service might start at only $40. 

Add-ons and keepsakes

Many pet parents want a physical keepsake to honor their pet’s memory. This can be an urn or decorative box or even a piece of jewelry. These items are usually available for an additional fee. 

Average pet cremation costs

So, how much does it cost to cremate a pet? The average cost of pet cremation can fall anywhere between $40 and $300, depending on the factors above. You will have to contact a local pet crematorium to get a specific quote for your pet. 

Below we break down the average costs for the three different types of dog cremation, based on the size of the pet. When it comes to the cost of pet cremation, cats, birds, and other small animals are generally quoted at lower prices. 

1 to 30 pounds

Private: $175; Individual (partitioned): $110; Communal: $75

31 to 60 pounds

Private: $200; Individual (partitioned): $125; Communal: $90

61 to 90 pounds

Private: $225; Individual (partitioned): $135; Communal: $110

91-plus pounds

Private: $250; Individual (partitoned): $145; Communal: $125

Itemized pet cremation price breakdowns

For the average pet cremation, it’s a good idea to budget at least around $200, especially if your pet is larger. Keep in mind that this fee will only cover the service itself. You will likely also have to pay a transfer fee to have the body moved from your home or the vet’s office to the crematorium. Transfer fees average around $60. 

If you choose to purchase an urn from the facility, you may pay anywhere from $25 to several hundred dollars, depending on the type of storage container you choose. 

How to reduce cremation costs

Dealing with the details of cremation can be an added stressor in the middle of your grief — especially if you’re already on a strict budget. Fortunately, there are some ways to obtain a more low cost pet cremation. 

If you don’t want your pet’s remains back, you can opt for a communal cremation, which is the most affordable method available. However, if you would like to have your pet’s ashes, an individual or private cremation will be necessary. 

An urn can also be costly, especially if you buy it through a cremation facility. Instead, consider purchasing your own urn or memorial box online or investing in the services of a crafty friend or family member. Another way to cut down on cremation costs is simply to pass on additional memorial items, like jewelry. 

Special offers and payment assistance

Some pet insurance policies may cover end-of-life expenses like cremation, but each policy is unique so make sure to read yours thoroughly. If you don’t have pet insurance or your policy doesn’t cover cremation, some facilities accept CareCredit or may offer payment plans that can assist you with the cost of pet euthanasia and cremation. 

FAQs (People also ask):

How much does it cost to have a pet cremated? 

Pet cremation can cost anywhere from $30 to $300 depending on your location, the type of cremation, and your pet’s size. 

What is the cheapest form of cremation?

Communal cremation is the most affordable option, averaging around $30 to $70. However, if you choose this type of cremation, your pet’s ashes will not be returned to you. 

What is the cost of pet euthanasia and cremation?

Cremation is usually a separate service and fee from euthanasia. Euthanasia is performed by a veterinarian, while cremation is performed at a separate facility. Just like cremation, euthanasia fees vary based on location and other factors.  

Should I bury or cremate my pet? 

There is no wrong or right answer for whether you choose to bury or cremate your pet; the choice is entirely up to you. If you’re concerned about cost, cremation is the cheaper option. Burials can cost more than $400 because they require purchasing a plot in a pet cemetery and a casket. 


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