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How to Help Dogs and Cats Affected by Hurricane Fiona

Rescue organizations are in need of donations (and adoptions) after the devastating storm.

by Sio Hornbuckle
September 20, 2022
Four dogs standing on a fallen tree surrounded by water from a flood from hurricane Fiona.
Photo: @placespuertorico
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Hurricane Fiona is moving north after leaving the Dominican Republic in flash flooding conditions and much of Puerto Rico flooded, damaged, and without power. For those located in the storm’s predicted path, our natural disaster-preparedness checklist can help you plan to protect your pet from harm.

The storm has been particularly devastating for Puerto Rico, which is still reeling from the impact of Hurricane Maria in 2017. Puerto Rico has a large population of street dogs — called satos — and when Maria hit, countless strays lost their lives in floods.

Fiona is a less intense storm than Maria, and shelters are better prepared this time around, but local dogs and cats still need help. An estimated 250 pets are in shelters across Puerto Rico, and many more are stranded outdoors. We’ve compiled a list of resources for those of you who want to ensure the homeless pets of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are cared for right now.

The Sato Project

The Sato Project is leading the pack in animal rescue. The organization saves the stray dogs of Puerto Rico all year, and they jump into action during times of environmental crisis.

Wings of Rescue

Wings of Rescue is an organization leading the most significant disaster-relief option for animals: safe, early evacuation. Wings of Rescue relies on donations to charter planes and stock veterinary supplies. They are currently flying out animals who have been waiting in shelters for over 30 days to free up local space in kennels for lost pets.

Santuario de Animales San Francisco de Asis

For over 10 years, SASFAPR has been rescuing, rehabilitating, and sheltering the dogs and cats of Puerto Rico. Volunteers are on the ground now searching for stray or lost dogs and cats.

Animal Lighthouse Rescue

Animal Lighthouse Rescue has volunteers on the ground to clean up, rebuild, and provide pet care in Puerto Rico. All their adoptable dogs are available in New York City, where volunteers transport them for placement.

Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic

This organization protects animals of the Dominican Republic through outreach, fostering, and rescue. They will be inundated with found animals in the coming weeks. The U.S. has banned the import of animals from the Dominican Republic, but you can donate to help their relief and transportation efforts.

This post will be updated as we learn more information on how you can help the dogs and cats of Puerto Rico.

Update: In the aftermath of Fiona, shelters housing pets transported during the storm are in need of help to service their increased animal populations. The following shelters received dozens of new residents:

Richmond SPCA

Fredericksburg SPCA

The Humane Society of Broward County

Sio Hornbuckle

Sio Hornbuckle is a writer living in New York City with their cat, Toni Collette.

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