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Go green with your pet. Read up on eco-friendly pet care trends to help minimize your pet’s carbon pawprint.

Black dog laying on its back on the floor with a world map formed out of his fur next to him

The eco-enthusiasts at Matter of Trust want to use it to clean up oil spills.

Cat looking at the camera while steeping out of litter box next to a Litter Genie with abstract purple shapes in the background

The Litter Genie prevents daily scooping, plastic waste, and the sights (and smells) of a full litter box.

Man shopping in a pet store reading product information

Here’s which sustainability buzzwords are actually legit on pet products.

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A dog laying under a table outside while a woman cares for her plants.

A permaculture designer’s tips on how to keep your pets and veggies safe — naturally.

Woman with curly hair on her computer sitting next to her Boxer mixed breed dog

From upcycling linens to handing down used toys, you can help animals in need and prevent waste.

A woman laying on a bed with her dog with green palm wallpaper in the background.

A climate psychologist on how to deal with eco-anxiety: “We have to be good to ourselves the way we want to be good to the planet.”

Three eco-friendly pet grooming products displayed in a collage.

Package-free brushes, plant-based wipes, certified-organic shampoos, and more.

The brand’s plant-based, protein-packed dog food and treats are sure to satisfy your pup’s appetite and your sustainability concerns.

Lauren Singer sitting on street step hugging her tan dog named Rose

The founder of Package Free says there’s a low-waste alternative to every pet product sitting in your trash right now.

Stephanie Shepherd sitting with her dog on a couch

The Future Earth founder on rescuing a pandemic puppy and using social media to save the planet:
“Our approach is that we’re all in this together during a really transitional, transformational time in society.”  

It’s easier than you think.

A woman in the woods with her dog.

The fashion designer turned sustainable farmer on trading city for country life, adopting a working dog, and harvesting farm-to-table treats.

A golden retriever wearing a crown of green on its head.

What do Doug the Pug and Jiffpom have in common? They love their fans and the planet, of course.

A woman sitting at a dining room table with a dog.

Former Nike Design Director Angela Medlin on applying her streetwear savvy to eco-conscious pet products.

Hiker and dog overlooking the top of a mountain

Expert tips to help reduce your pet’s carbon footprint. (Pawprint? You get it.)

a woman holding a cat's head on a cat tree

Colorful, retro creations hand-crafted from up-cycled materials in San Francisco.

A women disposing a doggy bag in a trashcan in the park

Gasp! “Compostable” poops bags are bad for the environment? Sustainability expert Dave Coast gets the scoop from CompostableLA founder Monique Figueiredo.

cat collage

Biodegradable catnip toys, bamboo cat caves, organic cat grass, and more!

petaluma sustainable pet food the wildest mars

From cricket kibble to miso mice, leading brands are exploring how sustainable pet food products can reduce carbon paw prints.

a Dalmation sits in a black chair

Whether or not you believe in crystal healing, Chani Ronez’s chic, customizable, and sustainable products are designed to help treat everything from separation anxiety to joint pain to GI issues.

Leah Thomas smiles with her black and white cat

The environmentalist shares her sustainable product recos, from recycled catnip toys to organic cat grass to biodegradable kitty litter.