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pets & their people

Let’s talk humans. See what celebs have to say about pet parenthood. Find advice on handling your pet’s other people (e.g. your ex.) And get more tips for the people stuff.

A black white and yellow ink drawing of a woman reading in front of a cityscape

But, in the end, they are the necessary force behind her art.

sudan archives collage

With a special nod to Barack Obama, too.

Emma Allen wearing glasses and blue jacket standing in front of her desk with full bookshelves above it

The New Yorker cartoon editor’s assistant is a massive, blood-thirsty, perfect furball.

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We promise not to send you garbage that turns your inbox into a litter box. Just our latest tips and support for your pet.

Deirdre Franklin dressed as a pinup model holding one of her calendars while sitting on a wooden table next to a Pitbull dog sitting on its hind legs looking up at her

Back in the day, pinup models donned their victory rolls to boost wartime spirits. Now, they do it to advocate for a much-maligned dog breed. Deirdre Franklin, the founder of Pinups for Pitbulls, explains how a burlesque hobby evolved into a life-saving non-profit.

The founder of indie fashion brand Lisa Says Gah! says George made starting over on her own feel possible. Now, if only she could get him to model one of her wildly popular pet sweaters...

A portrait of the artist Bambou Gili, a woman with long dark hair wearing a black dress shirt and dark brown trousers sitting with one of her paintings of a cat in all blue behind her and white outlines around her figure

The dreamy hues of the visual artist’s work reflect the magic found in quiet moments. Something kitties appreciate, too.

Jess Rona laying on a green couch in a vintage style living room, playfully pinching the ear of a dog sitting beside her while another white dog sitting in front of her

No matter their star status, all of Rona’s clients are classified as “cozy bears.”

A man in light blue loose clothes with his white Pug dog sitting in his lap

The Baja East creative director might call the shots at work, but at home, Donatella is The Boss.

Langley Fox petting her Husky mix dog while sitting on a green couch in her living room

Whether she’s painting her “demons” or illustrating for Marc Jacobs, the artist is constantly pushing herself to new heights — all with her Husky by her side.

The songwriter has her pup, Georgia, to thank for her new depths of vulnerability on Crybaby, Tegan and Sara’s new album.

sofia valdes

The musician’s pup (and love-song muse), Padmé, dabbles a bit in the art of...revenge.

A fashionable woman standing outside with her dog in the city.

The New York fashion icon’s Poodle is often recognized more often than her.

A cheerful woman with a puppy next to her wearing a vibrant harness.

The abstract artist on how her rescue pup, Sam, photobombed a video project and inspired a brand-new line of dog products.

Calley Benoit Belli  wearing a wedding gown standing next to her husband who is wearing a light blue suit with their dog sitting on the red brick walkway in front of them

The fashion veteran talks about how her muse, Shuggie, inspired her home decor and custom wedding accessories.

Yves, a man with a lot of tattoos and a brown paisley head bandana in tan pants holding his grey Pitbull dog who is wearing a tiny cowboy hat over his shoulder

The model, activist, and musician on his activism philosophy: “I’ve always been drawn to those who have been left behind, forgotten, misunderstood. I relate to them on a very deep, personal level. No matter how different you are, everyone deserves a chance.”

An artistic pink and green digitally altered portrait of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith holding her cat

Her serendipitous cat adoption story is just as otherworldly.

Sasha Alex Sloane wearing a bright red sweatshirt and light blue jeans holding her two small tan dogs while standing outside in the woods

Send Etsy suggestions her way.

A portrait of a woman smiling with her dog outside.

The Grammy-nominated producer, DJ, and lover of cats and dogs thinks oft-misunderstood felines just need better publicity (she even wrote a song for hers).

Talk about finding inspiration everywhere.

Brunette woman in a white tank top smiling at the camera while sitting and leaning on her tan dog amidst many flowers and plants in a patio outside

Or a pool. Or the ocean.

C Bonz collage

Don’t we all.