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adoption & fostering

New pet parent (or still thinking about fostering or adopting a pet)? Get all the advice you need: how to find the right pet for you, how to introduce them to other pets and kids, and how to bond with your new family member.

pet names 2022

2022’s pop culture trends not-so-subtly influenced our new adoptees’ monikers.

Two women and a man in glasses sitting in front of a decorated and brightly lit Christmas tree while the central woman holds a Shiba Inu dog looking directing at the viewer

The holiday season is not so jolly for a lot of pet rescues. Here’s how they help their animals — and their volunteers and staff members — this time of year.

A cat peeking down from a tree.

How one cat colony inspired their hundreds of thousands of social media followers to care about cat rescue — and became superstars in the process.

shelter kittens playing with a round blue plastic toy with balls

Animals without homes for the holidays have still been good boys and girls. Giving them toys will give you all the feels.

A brunette woman holding a spotted gray kitten up to her face while its front paws rest on her chin

Adopting a foster pet doesn’t isn’t always the right choice. But for these families, it turned out to be the only one.

Couple laying on the floor with their kitten during Christmas

Puppies and kittens are cute, but read this expert advice before attaching a bow to their collars and handing them to a pal.

woman with new puppy

Sound advice from seasoned dog and cat parents who have been there.

woman holding beautiful cat

Cue Sarah McLachlan.

A woman smiling with a dog at an animal rescue service event.

The San Diego-based rescue’s 300 volunteers take saving Mexican street dogs as seriously as a full-time job (but have fun doing it).

Have a pet? Here’s what to do.

Let’s be real. Caring for your pet can be both a magical time and a total nightmare. Whether you’re a new pet parent or need to brush up on the basics, we’re here to help with our pet parent to-dos.

Start a To-Do
Two tabby cats cuddling each other with their eyes closed

Cat behaviorist Kristiina Wilson on the importance of socializing cats.

Man with beard and wearing glasses and a grey hat sitting outside petting the head of his old foster dog

All the steps you can take.

Douglas Thron, in his rescue pilot uniform hugging a rescued black cat to his chest outside

ASSERT co-founder Ryan Okrant tells The Wildest about his work — from tornadoes in Kentucky to war in Ukraine.

Blonde woman wearing a dark blue blouse and white pants sitting in the grass outside petting a cat

Because rescue kitties deserve your crowdfunding cash, too.

How people can splurge on their pets — or adopt new ones!

Profile view of a man giving a cat food to eat

A veterinary nutritionist explains why your cat isn’t eating and how to increase their appetite.