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The Perfect Cat for Every Astrological Sign

Are you a good match for an extroverted, social kitty — or a little Miss Independent?

by Alea Erika
April 24, 2024
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Dog parents are definitely the kinds of people who want to know their pups’ full astrological charts. They’re the ones desperately calling the the shelter to ask if they know their dog’s birth time. So, of course they’re interested in knowing if their dog’s breed is compatible with their own charts.

But cat people are just as obsessed with their pets. They deserve to know whether their little ball of fur and claws is their astrological match (not that they’d love them any less if they weren’t).

Because most pet cats in America are mixed-breed domestic shorthairs, it’s a little harder to analyze personality based on breed. Cats exhibit a full range of personalities, energy levels, and care requirements, regardless of their genetic makeup. So, we are going to get into how well your birth chart fits with your cat’s personality, but we need to use a different metric than breed. Introducing: the Feline Five, an evaluation of cat personality types.

What is the feline five, and why are we using this?

Adapted from the commonly-used Five-Factor Model in human personality research ( have a go for yourself), the Feline Five proposes that cat personalities can also be categorized into five broad dimensions of neuroticism, dominance, impulsiveness, agreeableness, and extraversion.

While dog breeds significantly influence temperament and physical traits, this wide variation is absent across cat breeds, which evolved without selective breeding pressures. So, as far as delving into why (oh, why?) cats do what they do, we can consult the Feline Five personality measurement.

Check out below for insights into which cat characteristics may be most compatible with your own celestial qualities. When looking at this, you might want to keep your moon sign in mind. (You can use this free natal chart calculator to determine it, as well as the rest of your placements, if you don’t already know.) Your moon sign will tell you how you nurture yourself and others, including your natural rhythms at home, where you will likely spend the most time with your kitty.


Fast, furious, and here for a good time, you are action-oriented and follow where your inspiration leads. Like cats, which have retained many traits of their wild ancestors, you are in touch with your embodied instincts. These characteristics will suit feline companions with elevated levels of impulsiveness, extroversion, and dominance.

Such cats may have hyperactive tendencies that match your childlike exuberance and competitive sass — you will likely be impressed by their mouse-hunting athleticism, tire each other out with games of pursuit, and be less concerned by aggressive or territorial behaviors.

On the other, uh, paw: A fellow independent and energetic soul is the perfect companion for your self-governing sign, cuddlier cats with higher agreeableness may be soothing and teach you to slow down occasionally.


With a command of the material domain and orientation toward sensual enjoyment and abundance, you know how to create a vibe and are not afraid to splurge on creature comforts — it’s an essential component of your creative process! Taurus is one of the most physically affectionate and loyal signs in the zodiac (well, loyal to those who make the cut). Cuddly cats with elevated agreeableness and lower impulsivity and extraversion will share your harmonious demeanor and love of lounging.

Anxious felines with higher neuroticism who dislike sudden change may also thrive alongside the stability and dedication of your sign, which understands the importance of consistency, delicious treats, and an exquisitely cozy nook to hide away in.


Chatty, curious, and restless at times, you are known for your friendliness and seek mental stimulation and variety. Cats with high extroversion are just as playful and inventive as you are, craving novelty and engagement with those who share their environment. These sharp conversationalists suit your cerebral countenance and may teach you to communicate via their unique “language” of meows.

Gemini is the sign of friendship, and your home life may be populated by numerous people and pets, suiting social felines with low neuroticism and dominance and elevated agreeableness. These types of cats are less likely to be territorial or wary of others. Such adaptable companions will also be unbothered by your unpredictable schedule, which may be too chaotic for a more anxious cat.  


The mommy of the zodiac, you are nurturing and empathetic — not to just anyone, mind you. Motivated by deep emotional bonds of belonging, those who have earned a place in your heart will come to know the fierce devotion reserved for your chosen family. Cats with high agreeableness and who crave closeness with human or feline companions will gel with your sentimental and affectionate nature.

These cats can often appear depressed at shelters, because they feel the loss of their intimate ties acutely. Ruled by the moon, this sign is known for its soulful depth and understanding of the full spectrum of emotions, which may equip you with the temperament to care for needy or moody cats with higher neuroticism — as long as they share your love of being ensconced in a blanket. Good thing blankets are perfect for making biscuits.


Dramatic, fun-loving, and proud (provided you are received with an appropriate level of reverence), you are playful and magnanimous. It would be misguided to mistake your showboating for superficiality. Leos share the unwavering devotion of the fixed signs and love to celebrate those they love.

Bold and bossy cats with high extraversion and agreeableness will be a good fit for you, as they are just as affectionate and charismatic as you are. Bonus points if they look good on camera. The confidence of dominant cats who prefer a one-cat household may also be compatible with your sign of royalty: A queen recognizes a queen, after all.


Acutely perceptive, discerning, and smart, you take a diligent approach to projects and people you are devoted to. Your mental activity, high standards, and care for the many moving pieces of life can give you a nervous edge. You may feel grounded and accepted by the soothing purr and dependable nature of a cat who rates high in agreeableness and low in impulsivity.

As the sign associated with healers, your meticulous nature may equip you with the patience, skills, and resources to rehabilitate cats with higher neuroticism or extraversion that require specialized care or stimulation. The challenge of behavioral issues is a chance to get educated, and you may relish scouring the literature to determine the best methodologies to support your cat and their holistic wellbeing. 


The socialite of the zodiac , you preside over the realms of relationality, reciprocity, and beauty (surely you wouldn’t select a cat based on looks alone, though, would you?). Striving for interdependence over codependence may be important. When it comes to companionship with your cat, higher extraversion and agreeableness may offer a balance of autonomy and connection.

Valuing harmony, grace, and fairness, those with lower neuroticism, dominance, and impulsivity will share your love of collaboration and social stimulation. These cats will have more flexible care requirements that may suit your life as a social butterfly and are less likely to disturb the aesthetic serenity of your home. Because you are so attuned to others, low-intensity environments and laid-back feline companions will enable you to decompress and relocate yourself.


Astute, secretive, and magnetic, the phrase “still waters run deep” was penned with you in mind. The only sign to rival the cat when it comes to being mysterious , your intuitive and instinctive capacity is vast, and you may find a trusted confidante in a feline familiar. You both certainly have a knack for getting what you want with the power of an intense stare.

Your understanding of the darker side of life and occasionally possessive nature means you are sensitive to the needs of cats with complicated histories who may exhibit higher levels of neuroticism and dominance. Shy companions who prefer quiet environments and dark corners to hide out in may be a good match. Deeper bonds of trust and intimacy that feel safe for both of you will develop over time.


As the teacher and the preacher of the zodiac, you have one foot on the pulpit (a bar stool will do) and one setting off into the great beyond. Your fiery mix of the primal and erudite is suited to extraverted cats who share a similar intelligence, flexibility, and fondness for rough-and-tumble play.

While the sociable nature of cats with high agreeableness suits your gregarious nature, affectionate companionship may be less important. A free-spirited feral cat who cruises in and out through their own door with their eyes full of tales from the road may be a perfect match.

Not one to dwell on broken china or spilled milk, your happy-go-lucky sign is compatible with cats with high impulsiveness combined with low neuroticism and dominance. These active felines can roll with the punches if you disregard a daily schedule or leave town suddenly on a spontaneous vision quest.


King of the long game, if you said you would do it, then you will. Ruled by Saturn, you need a cross to bear, understanding that the best gifts are those bestowed by time and perseverance. You may be comfortable taking responsibility for more anxious or territorial felines with high neuroticism and dominance who will be soothed by your reliable routines and stable environment.

Your cat companions likely know you better than most people, due to your socially discerning reclusively and you may have highly idiosyncratic relationships with pets. A dignified older cat or the indifference of a less socialized one may compliment your curmudgeonly goat energy, particularly those with lower levels of impulsiveness.


Innovative, intelligent, and a little detached, you have seen the future and simply need to haul the rest of us over there. Your egalitarian ethics are attuned to the free will of all beings. It’s not uncommon for Aquarians to find more kindred spirits in the animal kingdom, reveling in unconventional cross-species friendships and experimental approaches to living.

High levels of dominance or neuroticism may be less compatible, so more territorial or hierarchical cats need not apply. The cleverness and amiability associated with higher extraversion and agreeableness will accommodate your cerebral countenance and diverse social circle. Delighting in the quirks and odd behaviors of a cat who marches to the beat of their own drum, eccentric, less socialized cats with heightened levels of impulsivity will also possess the strength of spirit you value. 


Intuitive and dreamy, your highly attuned psychic and imaginative channels grant you an uncanny knack for animal communication and a deep connection to creatures great and small. A cat with low dominance will suit multi-pet households of various rescues (human and animal) who may have found their way into your heart and home.

Your emotional intelligence and sensitivity resources you to connect and care for the bedraggled, lost, and left behind who may have higher levels of neuroticism. However, you tend to run your schedule according to vibes and may lack the consistency to match your savior complex. Prioritizing the mellow adaptability and affectionate nature of cats with elevated agreeableness may be grounding for your sign, which can get lost in the etheric soup.


alea erika

Alea Erika

Alea is an astrologer, DJ, and writer from New Zealand who is currently based in Portland, OR. Her music shows and interviews can be found on NTS Radio at Lucifer Over Los Angeles, and her writing is featured in Butch is Not a Dirty Word and The Spinoff among others.

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