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Take a Sun Bath on the Coziest Chaise Lounge For Taurus Season

It’s time for the most pampered people and pets to shine.

by Alea Erika
April 20, 2023
Cher holding a black cat, Lizzo kissing a puppy, Nicholas Braun cuddling a Pomeranian, with a bull, the earth, and rock formations in the background
Collage: Amanda Gomez

Clothes, fragrance, massage, mimosas, and fine leather goods…Welcome to Treat Yo’Self month, a.k.a, Taurus season. Why not take a page from Stranger Things star Joe Keery’s book and relax with a Pomeranian and a glass of champagne while we get to know the stalwart bull and why they are celestially ordained as the most loyal, attractive, and cuddly animal-allies in the zodiac. 

As the fixed expression of spring, Taurus governs the green realms, the cashmere realms, the I-shall-not-be-moved realms, and the “ 100 percent That Bitch ” realms. Don’t hate them ’cause they’re beautiful; Taurus is the earthy throne of Venus. They are the material embodiment of love, beauty, aesthetics, the arts, and our values. In this fixed-earth sign, ideas and principles must be realized in the material world. That is to say, style cannot come without substance. Or, as Lizzo demonstrated in a recent Instagram makeup tutorial, social justice discourse will not come at the expense of a poorly contoured jawline. 

This is the stubborn grit of Taurus, one of embodying their values and remaining steadfast in the face of obstacles. We can see all the best Taurean traits in Cher’s four-year-struggle to free the “world’s loneliest elephant” from a zoo in Pakistan, Channing Tatum’s navigating the challenges of a directorial debut with an animal co-star to honor his late dog Lulu, and Lizzo’s vocal support of veganism. Last year, Lizzo donated her hit song “Good As Hell” to a PETA ad promoting veganism, and she regularly serves vegan recipes with her zero-fucks-given Taurean swagger on TikTok. She has also encouraged her fans to adopt shelter dogs and delighted concertgoers by bringing adoptable puppies onstage to raise awareness about animal rescue.

Indeed, “feelin’ good as hell” is the birthright of the Taurus. Like a bull in the field, chomping on daisies and flirting with the cows, this sign speaks to the sensual joys of being in a physical body. Enter Lizzo’s “ SELF-LOVE GURU ERA ” body normalization advocacy and sexy celebration of being in her own body. Taureans tend to have heightened senses of smell and taste, of what feels and sounds good. This makes them experts in earthly pleasures: They are our connoisseurs, elevated aesthetes, and snuggle bunnies, and they always know what to order.

To this zodiac sign, feeling good also means looking good. It’s no surprise that a Taurus is at the helm of Versace and its enduring opulence and influence. And even less of a surprise is that Donatella Versace’s Jack Russell Terrier, Audrey (named after fellow Taurus Audrey Hepburn), only ever wears custom pieces from the fashion house. The star of her own capsule collection, Audrey’s own Instagram is replete with the elevated Taurean archetype of being on one’s chaise lounge.

Of course, it’s not all bucolic barnyard scenes and luxury products. In the ancient world, the bull was considered a creature of the heavens, sacrificed to harness the ferocious creative power of the gods. One only has to rewatch Tatum’s dance to “ Pony” (that man really loves horses) in Magic Mike XXL for an education in the virility and physicality of this sign. Tatum discovered astrology back in 2019, at which point he must have learned about the deep bonds of attachment that are characteristic of his sun sign. His recent film Dog was inspired by the final road trip he took with his own Pit Bull / Catahoula, Lulu, after she was diagnosed with cancer.

Fellow dog person (and soon-to-be Cat Person) Nicholas Braun took a characteristically embodied Taurean approach to dogs on screen for his role as Cousin Greg in Succession. While he is a devoted dad to his own pooch, Stevie, Braun based his bumbling character (who first appears on screen in a dog costume) on a friend’s Australian Shepherd that he was looking after when auditioning for the role. 

This sign may take time to get started but are an inexorable force of nature once they do. This determination is documented in Cher & The Loneliest Elephant, which captures Cher’s tireless efforts to free the elephant Kaavan, who spent most of his life in captivity and was recently moved to a sanctuary in Cambodia. The Goddess of Pop continues to use her platform and resources to advocate for other wild animals in captivity through her charity Free The Wild.

With all its potential for hedonism and extravagance, the real Taurus teaching is simplicity. Taureans remind us to log off and lounge, exquisitely and without reserve, when the hustle is done. Think of your pet stretched out in the sun after a long day of simply enjoying the finest things in life. We all belong to the earth. The simple joy being in a body offers itself to you: the solid ground beneath you, the warmth of a spring afternoon on your skin, to breathe, to chew, to stretch, to smell, and, if the urge takes you, to swaddle yourself in fine silks and, to take a note from our girl Lizzo, tell your belly that you love it.

alea erika

Alea Erika

Alea is an astrologer, DJ, and writer from New Zealand who is currently based in Portland, OR. Her music shows and interviews can be found on NTS Radio at Lucifer Over Los Angeles, and her writing is featured in Butch is Not a Dirty Word and The Spinoff among others.

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