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The Stats Behind Best in Show

We surveyed 1,000 pet parents — and spotted five trends to help us choose our Best in Show winners.

by The Wildest
November 6, 2023
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Have you seen Best in Show 2023 — aka the ultimate gift guide with this year’s top pet care products?

Well, we didn’t just let our pets pick the items that made the list. We talked to 1,000 pet parents about their shopping habits. Turns out, 68% of millennials and 60% of gen Z plan to buy holiday gifts for their pets this year. And they’re spending an average of $105 on pet gifts. 

So we want to make sure they buy the best products available. You can find the full list of 187 Best in Show winners here. But first, check out a few shopping trends we spotted to help guide our guide.

Pet parents are adding supplements to their pets’ diets.

People are paying much more attention to their own nutrition and pet nutrition. That means vitamins, probiotics, and plenty of supplements. In fact, 25 percent of our pet parents bought pet supplements in 2023 — 40 percent on a monthly basis. And supplements are the second most popular shopping category on The Wildest right now.

While we can’t tell you whether or not to add sea moss to your smoothie, we can recommend top-tier supplements for your pet — backed by our experts and research. Here are some of our high-quality, highly-tested picks.

Some Best in Show supplement winners:

Pet grooming regimens are evolving into self-care routines.

Similar to the human world, pet wellness is extending well beyond nutrition. We’re talking beauty, exercise, mental health, and, yes, self care. According to our survey, nearly 50 percent of pet parents spend ~$100 per year on grooming products and seek out high-quality care products (some even from their own favorite wellness brands!).

Nearly 50 percent of millennial pet parents have bought pet shampoo in the last year. But people are going beyond the grooming basics, too, with balms, specialty brushes, and crystal-infused body sprays.

Some Best in Show self-care winners:

Tech is taking over the pet space too.

It was only a matter of time before pets got tablets. (But seriously, there’s an iPad game on our list.) And in the last 12 months, over a third of millennial and gen Z pet parents report buying a pet tech product. Why so much tech? Partially to help with post-WFH separation anxiety and partially because of good old-fashioned innovation! 

From interactive toys and feeders to cameras and apps, these products help entertain, keep an eye on, and care for our pets while we’re away and at home. 

Some Best in Show tech winners:

Calming products are a big help in caring for pet anxiety.

Both general and separation anxiety have been hot topics in pet parenting over the past few years. And the issue is affecting both pets and people. One study we covered found that 47 percent of dog parents experience separation anxiety, too. But just because pet parents are talking about it doesn’t mean they know what to do about it. 

Thankfully, there are a lot of new products — like our picks here — designed to keep our pets feeling chill so that we can be a little more chill, too. 

Some Best in Show calming products winners:

Pets are traveling more — and need the accessories to match.

Because pets are family, it makes sense that pet parents want to take them on every business trip, vacation, and weekend away. The right gear can be a huge help  — and over forty-four percent of gen Z dog parents and 66 percent of cat parents say they have a carrier specifically for travel. 

To help pet parents avoid reliving a scene from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, our experts found the must-haves to take the anxiety out of exploring.

Some Best in Show travel winners:

Check out the full Best in Show Guide for more trend-worthy products.

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