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Shilee Hesman Shares the Toys That Keep Her Pup’s Brain Moving

Shi and Toni’s content creator lets us in on her favorite ways to spoil her dog — from all-natural bones to essential-oil balms.

by Sio Hornbuckle
November 15, 2022
influencer shi and toni with their favorite pet products
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Shilee Hesman, one half of Shi and Toni, is a content-creating pro who shares her life with her audience through her YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok videos. Her partner, Toni (Antonio Sanders), makes music; you can find his new album, A Letter to You, on Spotify. Together, they document their adorable relationship via viral TikToks. (Warning: if you’re feeling especially single these days, these vids might be too cute to handle.) Whether she’s sharing their cooking habits, creative date nights, or relationship insights, Hesman keeps her 2.3 million followers entertained and up-to-date.

Lucky for us, she also lets her audience in on her dog Maverick’s lifestyle. The adorable Bulldog receives lots of love in the duo’s videos — and you absolutely have to see him dance. Naturally, The Wildest wanted to know Hesman’s favorite products for keeping Maverick happy, healthy, and on the move.

himalayan dog chews

“Maverick is obsessed with these Himalayan chews. He will literally finish them in one day if we let him! He loves them so much we usually try to get them when we have to take him to a place where he needs to be quiet and not rowdy. For instance, [if you are] on a road trip where you need the pup to stay in one place and remain chill, or if you have a Zoom meeting at home and can not be playing and giving so much attention to your dog, these chews will keep them occupied. What is also amazing is once your chew gets too little (like, the whole thing fits in your dog’s mouth and you don’t want them to choke), you can actually soak it in water, then place in the microwave for about two minutes, and it becomes a super soft treat, kinda like a Cheeto texture and feel. That way you are not wasting any part of the chew — genius!” 

Sio Hornbuckle

Sio Hornbuckle is a writer living in New York City with their cat, Toni Collette.

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