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Food & Food Toppers

Kibble or canned? Fresh or dehydrated? Human-grade?! We’ll help you choose the best pet food on the market.

Woman feeding her Lab puppy some food.

They might want to hurry up and be a big kid, but here’s why it’s good to wait.

Dog with a food bowl

Five different pet foods have been contaminated.

Woman in the garden with her large black dog.

Everything you need to know about the pros and cons of a veggie diet.

Nutrition Calculator

If we could give our pets infinite treats, we would. But this tool will tell you the right amount to feed your friend.

Get calculating
Dog with ice cream in a cup.

Van Leeuwen just announced a new dog-friendly ice cream—and it’s not the only option for a pup with a sweet tooth.

Woman and her dog sharing a piece of cake.

We already know they’re sweet.

Canine Companions and @eukanuba are renewing our partnership, continuing our legacy that we’ve been building together for more than 30 years.

The 30-plus year long partnership between the pet food brand and service dog organization now includes VCA Animal Hospitals. 

Woman feeds her beagle puppy some kibble.

Yes, a question that also applies to human babies.

Women in the kitchen baking mushroom pizza with her dog.

Your dog is a fun-gi, but be careful which shrooms they eat.

Woman in the kitchen with her dog.

There are some caveats to be aware of.

Growth Charts

So, you have a new, tiny family member? Well, we’ll help you track their growth, keep an eye on their health, and even predict how not-so-tiny they’ll become. Just add their weight to start.

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Photo of a young woman who's trying to cook dinner in her kitchen while her dog is jumping over and trying to get her attention.

Sure, they can have a bite—if they want one.

Woman eating mashed potatoes and petting her small white dog.

It might be comfort food for you, but not for your pup.

Dog with head of corn in his mouth.

A few kernels are fine—but keep it off the cob.

Young woman preparing meal with dog in kitchen.

Add them to the list of no-nos in the kitchen. Here’s why.

Portrait of a Labrador dog eating from a pink bowl.

This was a voluntary recall by the company itself.

a black dog eats from a white bowl

Feeding your dog healthy whole foods is easier than ever.