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Dog Lifestyle

Let’s talk about life as a pet parent. We’ve got travel tips, dating advice, adoption info, and so much more.

life with pets
pets & their people
adoption & fostering
animal advocacy
life with pets

Let’s talk about both the little things and big moments of life with pets. Like exercise routines, pet-sitter checklists, pet-safe plants…and how much it all costs.

Travis Kelce with two dogs

You may be running into a bunch of Kelces at the dog park.

thanksgiving person hugging cat and dog

Because you really need to stop Aunt Beth from trying to give your cat wine.

Let those ears flap in the wind and live your life with abandon during the season of the literal horse girl.

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Wildly Popular

pets & their people

Let’s talk humans. See what celebs have to say about pet parenthood. Find advice on handling your pet’s other people (e.g. your ex.) And get more tips for the people stuff.

Lorien Stern with her dog on a yellow couch

She couldnt let allergies get in the way of her love of animals.

Katherine Heigl poses with her dog

Now, the Emmy-winning actress and animal activist is giving it back through her rescue foundation and pet wellness brand, Badlands Ranch. “There is a benefit to our spirits, our minds, and even our physical nature — anyone who has ever loved an animal knows that.”

Blondshell makes a kissy face at her dog, Chinchilla

The musician has had a huge year touring on the road, but to keep going, she learns by example from her endlessly energetic pup, Chinchilla.

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adoption & fostering

New pet parent (or still thinking about fostering or adopting a pet)? Get all the advice you need: how to find the right pet for you, how to introduce them to other pets and kids, and how to bond with your new family member.

A dog looking up with a cute face

Using these tips, your skittish dog will warm up to you.

single puppy standing outside

One doesn’t have to be the loneliest number when it comes to your dog.

Picasso dog finds new home.

“He is magical, and I have completely fallen in love with him,” his new mom said.

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Go green with your pet. Read up on eco-friendly pet care trends to help minimize your pet’s carbon pawprint.

woman holding beautiful cat

Cue Sarah McLachlan.

Woman And Dog Cleaning Coast From Trash.

Clean the earth and save on pet goodies. It’s a win-win.

A cat eating a plate of fish on a dining room table.

All those cartoons of cats staring longingly at fish bowls might not be so far off. A new study suggests seafood in your pets’ diet could help sustainably meet the world’s protein needs.

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Ask a Vet

Pet health question that’s not an emergency? Our vet team will answer over email within 48 hours. So, go ahead, ask us about weird poop, bad breath, and everything in between.


From pet travel tips to pet-friendly city guides, we’ve got all your flying, hiking, and biking needs covered.

Jack Russell dog in backseat of s car wearing a safety harness and seat belt

Hitting the road with your dog? Make sure they're safe with this helpful advice.

Dog sitting in a dog carrier

Here’s a step-by-step guide, plus all the essentials, from airline-compliant carriers to calming chews.

A dog walking on a Florida beach.

Find the perfect weekend getaway for you and your pup.

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animal advocacy

Learn about the people making a difference for animals and what you can do to lend a hand, too.

Picasso dog finds new home.

“He is magical, and I have completely fallen in love with him,” his new mom said.

A woman wearing a cat cartoon face mask and a pink sweatshirt holding a white kitten with spots that is looking directly at the camera

A way to pay it forward to our furry friends.

Genesis Rendon holding a pitbull puppy.

Vet tech Genesis Rendon shares the challenges and rewards that come with her selfless work.

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