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adoption & fostering

New pet parent (or still thinking about fostering or adopting a pet)? Get all the advice you need: how to find the right pet for you, how to introduce them to other pets and kids, and how to bond with your new family member.

A larger cat holding a baby kitten.

Age isn’t always just a number.

Curly afro woman stroking her bonded cats on the couch in living room

Some besties are inseparable, and that’s not always a bad thing.

Bowie's Law

This potential legislation could save the lives of countless shelter dogs. Here’s how you can help.

Group of young people pet a brown dog with a jacket on outside.

In volunteers’ Instagram videos, you’ll see both the joy and the fatigue behind finding these deserving pets homes.

two people bonding and smiling over a dog

Per the US Surgeon General, loneliness is as dangerous for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Here are ways pets can solve that.

Happy young female student playing with hairy dog at home

Boundaries, right? But if they end up sleeping in bed, that’s cool, too.

shelter kittens playing with a round blue plastic toy with balls

Seriously, you can donate to shelters just by shopping!

a person with short blonde hair and glasses hugs three rescue puppies and kisses one on the head

This is the Paula Cole parody that rescue orgs are singing as they struggle to find people to foster pets.

Dog wearing Smartless dog jacket

Hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes are putting their money where their mics are. 

Have a pet? Here’s what to do.

Let’s be real. Caring for your pet can be both a magical time and a total nightmare. Whether you’re a new pet parent or need to brush up on the basics, we’re here to help with our pet parent to-dos.

Start a To-Do
Kate Mara on the ground with three dogs in her lap

The dogs are graduates of Canine CellMates’ alternative sentencing program, which pairs dogs with people charged with felonies in Fulton County, Georgia.

The rescue’s founder, Gina Boehler, on her mission to help these pups start over.

anonymous woman pampering and taking care about a small ginger kitten

Adoption isn’t for everyone — here are other ways you can be there for animals in need.

Big dog meets little brown puppy for the first time

Use these tips before making the big decision.

Advice from parents who truly do it all.

Four small puppies in filthy cages outdoors

From adopting to fostering to sponsoring on Patreon, there are many ways to give these rescue organizations the support they need.