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adoption & fostering

New pet parent (or still thinking about fostering or adopting a pet)? Get all the advice you need: how to find the right pet for you, how to introduce them to other pets and kids, and how to bond with your new family member.

AHS is a no-kill animal shelter that has been saving the lives of animals since 1952.

Find out how you can help the pets affected by the storm.

Sad white dog alone in an animal shelter.

“No kill? It just means slow kill,” one volunteer says of the unprecedented shelter crisis.

Woman sitting on couch, frustrated with her small dog.

If you’re feeling stressed or sad after bringing home a young pup, you’re not alone.

Woman with dog in home on sofa, relaxing and playing.

Even a small amount of quality time makes a huge difference to shelter pups.

Two volunteers holding puppies at Our Big Fat Caribbean Rescue!

Vieques is now an island where “you don’t see roaming, starving dogs and cats.”

Woman outside with shelter dogs.

This often means they get adopted faster, too.

Woman and her pitbull dog inside.

People and Pedigree are offering big prizes to the winner.

Jon Stewart and two dogs bringing awareness to dog adoption event.

This Friday, New Yorkers can go to the first installation to adopt dogs and register to vote.

Victoria Lily Shaffer and a load of adoptable puppies.

The celebration features free food, vendor booths, and adoptable dogs.

Got a new pet? Here’s what to do.

Let’s be real. Welcoming home a new dog or cat is a very cute but very crazy time. Thankfully, we’re here to help with a nifty new pet parent to-do list.

Get Started
Mike Ruiz and a black pit bull dog.

Shelters are in desperate need of photographers, so he's calling on his colleagues to do the same.

National Rescue Dog Show

We’re excited for the Westminster Dog Show, but we also want to highlight dog competitions that lift up non-purebred dogs.

Woman holding her small white dog with partner.

All the things you’ll want on hand as a new pet parent, from the must-haves to the nice-to-haves.

Woman holding her frenchie dog on her lap.

One Florida rescue reports a recent intake of over 150 Frenchies thanks, in large part, due to irresponsible breeders.

Woman volunteering and holding dog.

Split your time sipping cocktails by the beach and being a “voluntourist” for puppies and kittens in need.

Girl sitting on couch hugging her playful dog with the window open to outside

For starters: No, they’re not all traumatized and yes, you can find a purebred puppy at a shelter.