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animal advocacy

Learn about the people making a difference for animals and what you can do to lend a hand, too.

My Pit Bull is Family

The fair-housing org’s journey from bumper stickers to databases.

Kassidi Jones sitting on a green velvet couch with her curly hair in two big pom poms and wearing a coral spaghetti strap jumpsuit while her tan dog Gingers Naps licks her face.

The academic — an exciting, emerging voice in animal advocacy — comes wielding both cute Pit Bull pics and uncomfortable truths.

A woman in a bright yellow-orange sweater holding a striped kitten in one hand and a credit card in the other while using her laptop in front of her

When the bills rack up, these resources have your back.

Get your fix of The Wildest

We promise not to send you garbage that turns your inbox into a litter box. Just our latest tips and support for your pet.

Three doodles sitting outside in the grass.

Further proof that you can — and should — adopt rescued designer dogs.

A woman in a yellow sweater and jeans sitting and petting the head of her gray cat eating dry food from the floor in her kitchen

These community resources can help your pet get the food they need.

Portrait of six pure-bred Husky puppies sitting side by side on a table while their breeder tried to arrange them for a photo in the background

Look out for untrustworthy breeders — and report them.

shelter kittens playing with a round blue plastic toy with balls

Animals without homes for the holidays have still been good boys and girls. Giving them toys will give you all the feels.

Deirdre Franklin dressed as a pinup model holding one of her calendars while sitting on a wooden table next to a Pitbull dog sitting on its hind legs looking up at her

Back in the day, pinup models donned their victory rolls to boost wartime spirits. Now, they do it to advocate for a much-maligned dog breed. Deirdre Franklin, the founder of Pinups for Pitbulls, explains how a burlesque hobby evolved into a life-saving non-profit.

A person wearing a plaid shirt and knit hat holding two cute puppies over their shoulder.

Eve Bañuelos on how a pregnant dog and a pandemic layoff inspired her to start an organization that rescues dogs in California and Mexico as shelters overflow.

A woman wearing a cat cartoon face mask and a pink sweatshirt holding a white kitten with spots that is looking directly at the camera

A way to pay it forward to our furry friends.

National Rescue Dog Show

Because mixed-breed dogs deserve applause, too.

A woman smiling with a dog at an animal rescue service event.

The San Diego-based rescue’s 300 volunteers take saving Mexican street dogs as seriously as a full-time job (but have fun doing it).

Yves, a man with a lot of tattoos and a brown paisley head bandana in tan pants holding his grey Pitbull dog who is wearing a tiny cowboy hat over his shoulder

The model, activist, and musician on his activism philosophy: “I’ve always been drawn to those who have been left behind, forgotten, misunderstood. I relate to them on a very deep, personal level. No matter how different you are, everyone deserves a chance.”

three lucy and kaya candles (white candle named chonky potato, pink named land seal, and rose gold named velvet hippo) all for the stand up for pit bulls fundraiser

Each month, Lucy and Kaya donates a portion of proceeds to a different dog rescue. For October, it’s Stand Up for Pits.

Beagles playfully running free after being rescued from an animal testing facility.

The U.S. has a long way to go when it comes to ending what Gov. Gavin Newsom calls cruel and unnecessary testing.

a person holds a large dog surrounded by hurricane damage

Here’s a list of orgs assisting with rescue efforts.

Sophie Gamand photograph of dead dog beach in puerto rico

The artist and activist on how her work has helped hundreds of dogs get adopted (and how she copes with the heartache of photographing shelter and street dogs around the world).

a Pit bull dog, emaciated from lack of food, and chained to a tree int he woods outside, with a humane society volunteer

Here’s here you can donate to help these pups — plus who to call if you know more information.

Douglas Thron, in his rescue pilot uniform hugging a rescued black cat to his chest outside

ASSERT co-founder Ryan Okrant tells The Wildest about his work — from tornadoes in Kentucky to war in Ukraine.

Brit Hensel standing behind her dog on a leash on a rock path outside in front of a house

Filmmakers Brit and Taylor Hensel on their side hustle to save real life “rez dogs.”

A small white Terrier mixed breed dog sitting on the couch with its collar in its mouth looking at its pet parent, a brunette man relaxing on the couch while another dog looks on form the side

New York Rep. Linda Rosenthal’s new bill puts pups first.