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11 Indoor Dog Parks to Help Your Pup Get Through the Long Winter

Because the cold weather shouldn’t stop your dog from living their best life.

by Sio Hornbuckle
February 5, 2024
Dog plays at Dogwood Play Park.
Courtesy of @dogwoodplaypark

It’s hard to overstate the importance of a top-notch dog park in a pup’s life. They’re not just patches of grass with slightly more entertaining smells than the patches of grass at home; they’re also places for your pup to destress, get some life-extending exercise, and learn how to play nice with others. It’s like if the gym, school, the local bar were all in one place. 

For some of the year, a big field with a sturdy fence might be all your dog needs for hours of stimulation. But when those winter storms or summer heat waves arrive, a dog park isn’t always an option — and your pup’s physical and mental health could pay the price. That’s where indoor dog parks come in. These eleven parks are designed to help your pup live their best life in any weather. And with beers on tap, free WiFi, and rentable office spaces, you might not want to leave, either.

JB’s Indoor Dog Park — Norwell, Massachusetts

JB’s Indoor Dog Park was started in 2018, when the pet parents of a new adoptee realized that their dog was spending too much time cooped up in the house during the heat of the summer and cold of the winter. They decided the finicky New England weather demanded a new service: an indoor dog park. Not just any park, either; their 3,000 square foot space offers grooming services and workshops, too. As if that wasn’t enough to perk up any pup’s ears, they also sell JB’s Frosty Cups: healthy, pup-friendly ice cream made from yummy natural ingredients like peanut butter, maple bacon, and blueberry.

For a set fee, the park will also host your pup a birthday or rescue day party, which includes a 90 minute admission to the park for 10 dogs, birthday ice cream for each pup, and a gift for the birthday dog. 

The monthly membership is $45 per month, or pups can drop in for $15 daily. Birthday parties cost $150. 

The Pack — Comstock Park, Michigan

The Pack isn’t just an indoor dog park — it’s also a restaurant and bar. The indoor park includes a variety of play areas tailored to any pup’s energy level and play preferences, whether they’re a lounger or a jumper. Training classes and doggy daycare are also available. 

For humans, the offerings are plentiful, too. The Pack’s food menu includes fish tacos, eggrolls, french fries, hand tossed pizza, and much more — not to mention a full drink menu of ciders, beers, sangria, cocktails, and wine. The bar is just outside the park, but if you want to keep a closer eye on your pup, The Pack will deliver drinks to you at the puppy play area. 

A punch card for five park visits or an unlimited monthly pass can be purchased for $34. You can also get an unlimited annual pass for $250. For huge fans of The Pack, a premium annual pass is $400 and includes one “bring a friend” pass a month, a drink or appetizer during your birthday month, a treat for your dog during their birthday month, deals on draft beer, exclusive apparel gifts, and preferred daycare booking.

Kanine Social — Jacksonville, Florida

Kanine Social’s climate-controlled indoor dog park is a whopping 7,000 square feet — and there’s an additional 7,000 feet of outdoor play area, weather permitting. Small and large dogs are provided separate play areas. Dogs can also be left with trained staff for cage-free doggy daycare or luxury boarding. Nervous pup parents, rest assured: Kanine Social keeps a veterinarian on site and offers a variety of veterinary services right on their property.

For humans, Kanine Social offers a 2,000 square feet large taproom with 15 local tap beers, wine, cider, kombucha, and specialty coffee. Tip: If you pre-purchase a day pass or month membership, your first beer is free.

A day pass is $12 on weekdays or $17 on weekends. A month membership is $44, and an annual membership is $445.

Lucky Paws Pet Resort — Freedom, Pennsylvania 

Lucky Paws Pet Resort has pretty much every accommodation a spoiled pup could hope for: a spa, hotel, daycare, training classes, and — the big attraction — an indoor and outdoor dog park. Their indoor park is 3,500 square feet with a sterile, non-skid floor. Lucky Paws Pet Resort also has a 3,000 square feet large pool; it includes a slip-resistant entrance, anti-microbial K9 Grass, water fountains, and play equipment. 

The park is open year round, though it’s currently only open for private, scheduled sessions — which are ideal for pups who aren’t super social, or non-neutered male pups over the age of 12 months. Private sessions can also include a small group of dogs from separate households, if you want to get your friends and neighbors together in a gorgeous park without any public interference.

Private indoor park time costs $25 an hour for a single family or $100 an hour for multiple families. During the spring and summer seasons, a day pass to the pool and park costs $13.

Paws 4 Fun — Lincoln, Nebraska

Paws 4 Fun, Nebraska’s first indoor dog park, is also a daycare, boarding center (they board cats, too!), and pool. They also teach dock diving, a sport that involves jumping into a body of water from a dock, for more water-obsessed and competitive pups. The indoor dog park is over 12,000 feet (you read that right: 12,000!) and includes two large dog parks and two small dog parks. All parks include anti-microbial and anti-bacterial turf, toys, playgrounds, and tunnels. 

A park pass is $10 a day, $150 for a month, or $1500 for a year. Pool rentals are $25 for 30 minutes and include life jackets, towels, and floating toys. 

Work & Woof — Austin, Texas

Work & Woof offers an indoor dog park, daycare, and — get this — a dog-friendly coworking space. The indoor play park is 4,000 square feet and is open to pups of all sizes and energy levels. Their “cowoofing” spaces allow you to reserve an office or desk in a cozy area equipped with dog beds, treats, toys, water bowls, and more. Dogs can be off leash while in the office — or, for a small added fee, you can drop them off to play while you get your work done. 

The indoor play park is available Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. A day pass costs $10. A desk or office space reservation costs $15 per day.

Wag’n Paddle — Naperville, Illinois

With three (three!) indoor pools, an indoor dog park, daycare, and boarding, Wag’n Paddle has pretty much everything a pup or pup parent could need. The dog park is a massive 9,000 square feet. The floor is made of Polylast, which cushions puppy joints and inhibits bacterial growth. There are plenty of benches for visiting pet parents, plus tons of play equipment for pups. During business hours, there’s a live camera feed of the park, so you can see how busy the space is and check in on your puppy’s friends before you even show up. 

The park is $20 for a one-hour visit or $75 for six visits for non-members. Members can choose to spend $70 per month for unlimited visits or $50 per month for five visits. The pool is $47 for a swim or $215 for five swims for non-members. Members can pay $70 per month for two swims of $120 per month for four swims. 

Dogwood Play Park — Seattle, Washington

Dogwood Play Park boasts 8,000 square feet of indoor play space, plus 8.000 square feet of an additional outdoor park. The indoor play area is intended for gentle play only, while the outdoor area can be more active. The gentle play area is recommended for small dogs, but super calm big dogs can chill there, too — and, likewise, fearless small dogs are allowed in the outdoor area.

Dogwood also offers beer, cider, wine, and snacks for pet parents (outside food is welcome, too). It’s also a seriously cute hangout spot — once you and your pup are settled in, you’re not gonna want to leave. 

You can drop in at the park for $16. A monthly membership costs $59, and an annual membership costs $590. 

Gearhart Indoor Dog Park — Gearhart, Oregon

Gearhart Indoor Dog Park offers doggy daycare, overnight boarding, or “stay and play” access to their super cute indoor dog park. The space includes agility equipment, toys, tunnels, beds, and plenty of opportunity for socialization. They also make an adorable annual calendar with photos of visiting pups — and you’ve always known your dog could model, right?

Gearhart Indoor Dog Park charges $10 for an indoor park visit.

PG & J — Louisville, Kentucky

The inspiration behind PG & J came from the owners’ three rescue pups: Paco, Ginnie, and J Roddy (PG & J). They wanted to create a space where dogs and pet parents alike could relax, unwind, and socialize with new friends. Pups can hang out in the indoor and outdoor park areas while their humans drink craft beer in a cozy bar area. During the day, PB & J offers tea, coffee, and free WiFi for coworking. And as if giving your pup a great play day wasn’t a good enough cause to support, PB & J also donates a portion of all sales to animal advocacy efforts; to date, they’ve raised over $50,000 for local rescue organizations.

A one day park pass costs $10, and a five day pass costs $30. A monthly membership for unlimited visits costs $40, and an annual membership costs $365. 

Chow Bella — Saratoga Springs, New York

Chow Bella offers an indoor dog park, a spa, and training services — including a doggy day camp for puppy socialization. Starting this February, Chow Bella is hosting a birthday bash on the first Saturday of each month for every dog who has a birthday that month, complete with treats and games. Right now, humans can enjoy coffee at the cafe — and they’re hoping to open a wine bar soon. 

A day pass costs $20, a 10 visit pass costs $80, a monthly membership costs $75, and an annual membership costs $750. 

Sio Hornbuckle

Sio Hornbuckle is a writer living in New York City with their cat, Toni Collette.

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