10 Cat Hammocks for Hanging Loose

National Hammock Day is in full swing. Your cat is celebrating properly: by sleeping through the holiday.

by Elizabeth Geier
July 21, 2021
Blue white British shorthair cat resting on a hammock
FurryFritz / Adobe Stock

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Search hashtag “National Hammock Day” — which happens to be today, July 22nd — and you’ll find thousands of pictures of people (and almost as many dogs) celebrating by simply chilling out. Cats, being supremely chill beings, may not need a holiday to remind them to relax, but they can always use yet another place to lounge, like, say, a cat hammock.

So how does a hammock differ from a bed or tower or window perch? “Hammocks also cater to your cat’s natural instinct to be up high; however, they can be safer for bigger or more active cats who might roll right off a shelf,” says cat behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett. The raised sides of a hammock offer more support so cats feel more secure, and they’re more comfortable “for cats who enjoy curling up tightly to sleep.” If your cat goes full bagel at naptime, a hammock could be just the thing to elevate their snooze game. From freestanding to wall-mounted models, we rounded up 10 hammocks that your cat can hang loose in.

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Elizabeth Geier

Elisabeth Geier is a writer, teacher, and animal advocate with extensive pet handling experience and a soft spot for bully breeds and big orange tabbies.