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Hit the streets with your pet in gear that’s safe and stylish — from dog collars and cat harnesses to cute kicks and treat pouches. You’ll both be the talk of the dog park every time you step out.

by The Wildest
October 28, 2022
Woman and dog ready to go for a walk
Abigail was just adopted, but you can meet more adorable, adoptable pups like her at Imagine Peace for Pups.
Photo: Robbie Augspurger

Our dogs get us off the couch, out of the house, and moving our little biped bodies, simply based on the fact that they have to poop and pee outside and need someone to take them. Sometimes, though, they just need to get outside simply to move their little bodies, bathroom needs notwithstanding. Your pup is a good excuse for you to take that stupid walk for your stupid (read: vitally important) mental health, and moving your bodies is so good for you both.

But you’re a stylish pet parent who cares about how your dog looks as they strut their stuff down the street, and you care about the earth (good on you!); you won’t buy just anything for your dog’s daily walk lewk.

When it comes to cats, well, they deserve to look their very best even when they’re just slinking from their cat tower to their litter box. Below, our hand-selected products — harnesses, dog sneakers (yes!), cat collars, and more. As Jane Fonda once wrote, “An exercise outfit helps because it sets this time apart from the rest of your day and makes it matter more!” So put on your sweat band and leggings, grab your pet and their head-turning, eco-friendly accessories, and get moving.

Check out adoptable pups like Abigail here.

Best Walk Kit

the walk kit in blue

Wild One has a well-established cult status among millennial pet parents. The brand launched in 2018, bridging the gap between functional gear and fashion-forward accessories, and today counts pet influencers like  @boobie_billie  as fans. When it comes to loving dogs, Wild One walks the walk: They’ve partnered with Badass Animal Rescue to sponsor the rescue of a pet a week and help fund rescue trips, medical bills, adoption events, and more.

The harness uses a trusted back-clip leash attachment and secure under-the-arm-attachment style, which comes highly recommended by veterinarian and The Wildest Collective member Dr. John Iovino: “It’s just more practical when they walk and sniff, especially if you have a short dog. It’s a lot easier to keep the leash above ground and just a little bit of tension when it’s hooked on the back than the front.”

The kit comes available in a number of colorways (mix and match if you want!), and it’s soft, stretchy, and adjustable to prevent any chafing, even through playtime. We’re big fans of their leashes — made from a waterproof flex-poly that protects against dirt and odor — and the poop bag carriers, which have an easy screw-top for quick refills. We recommend keeping an eye out for their limited edition color drops, too, because Wild One knows a good wardrobe is all about variety. —Avery Felman

Best Dog Sneakers

black ruffwear sneakers

Does the seasonal change already have you feeling salty? Unfortunately, without protection, your pet’s paws will feel the sting . Even the cleanest of streets are full of bacteria and debris. Luckily for you and your pet, RIFRUF has the solution. Meet the Caesar 1, a dog sneaker engineered from the same high-quality materials as your favorite running shoes. This process results in a premium product that is not only more reliable but lightweight. Be warned: While this will make your dog more comfortable, it will also diminish the likelihood of a hilariously awkward stride. —Sean Zucker

Best Hands Free Leash

rainbow ombre leash

If you’re the kind of person whose exercise is largely informed by your dog‘s need to run, a hands-free leash could be in your future. Your hands can be free to hold water (for both human and canine) or a little mid-run reward for your four-legged running body.

Some considerations: “The hands-free leash only works well if the dog knows how to heel properly. If the dog is not good on a regular leash, they’re probably not going to be good on a hands-free leash,” Dr. Iovino says.

Beloved by pet parents and trainers alike, the Found My Dog Animal Rope leash is a winner. Annie Grossman, professional dog trainer and owner and founder of School For the Dogs , shares: “For leashes, my favorite is the Found My Animal nylon rope leash. The leashes are long enough that they can be worn around the waist, leaving hands free for giving treats.” Plus, they’re hand-crafted to be incredibly durable and come in tons of adorable colorways.

Found My Dog was created to bring awareness to the importance of dog rescue. Part of the proceeds from sales go to supporting animal welfare — to date, they’ve donated to over 70 rescue organizations — and their website features a page of adoptable dogs waiting to be adorned in Found My Animal’s stylish accessories. —SZ and AF

Best Martingale Dog Collar

burgundy collar

Seven years ago, Dog + Bone set out to prove that not all collars are created equal with their crown jewel: the martingale collar. The martingale collar, also known as a “limited-slip collar,” is a collar with two loops and, when correctly fitted, the design of the martingale allows one to tighten the collar without choking the dog. It’s virtually inescapable and provides pet owners with additional security, as well as a solution for over-exuberant pups. Beloved by veterinarians, trainers, and rescues alike, the martingale collar comes highly recommended by experts.

Robert Haussmann, a certified professional dog trainer and The Wildest Collective member, recommends martingale collars for his clients: “I encourage dog-walking companies to use martingale collars as a backup for whatever device their clients are using...just in case there’s an equipment failure.” —Jinnie Lee

Best Treat Pouch

treat pouch in green

Dog behaviorist Lauren Novack tells The Wildest, “As a rule, dog training treats should be pea-sized and easily portable,” so your pup can get some training in anywhere, any time. But, they also need to be well protected, or your purse (or backpack or pockets) could become a graveyard of pungent crumbs. That’s why you need a to-go treat bag, and there’s none better than Maxbone’s aptly named ease pouch.

With this pouch, you can keep your personal belongings in enclosed slots, safe from your pup’s snacks. The pouch is available in two sizes; the small is recommended for carrying credit cards and keys, and the large can fit a small wallet, phones, keys, and poop bags. You don’t run the risk of wearing an out-of-place accessory, either: The pouch can be worn as a cross-shoulder sling or belt according to your preference, and it comes in seven gorgeous colors. You get to add a sleek accessory to your fit, and your dog gets to be rewarded for good behavior. So, really, this is a treat for everyone. —Sio Hornbuckle

Best Cat Collar

black cat collar with brass hardware

We don’t recommend that you let your cat roam while donning this natural leather collar, or another kitty might try to snatch it. Still, it’s a classy accessory for an indoor cat. The quick-release breakaway clasps make this collar a no-brainer (if you weren’t already sold by the stylish colorways). The brass bell will also alert you to your cat’s whereabouts but can be removed as soon as that gets annoying. —Kellie Gormly

Best Poop Bag Holder

wild one poop bag carrier in different colors

If you thought we ran out of positive things to say about Wild One, you’re sorely mistaken. The poop bag carrier features an elastic strap that makes it easy to attach to any leash of your choosing. Constructed from a buttery soft plastic shell, the poop bag holder comes with one roll of eco-friendly poop bags that can be easily inserted via the twist-top lid. If your pup is already rocking the rest of the brand’s walk kit, might as well finish off the look. Who doesn’t love a monochromatic moment? —AF

Best Luxe Leash

black leather leash with rose gold hardware

Boo Oh — named after founder Jay Sae Jung Oh’s Frenchie — is one of the chicest pet brands out there. The South Korean, Seattle-based industrial designer’s  bespoke furniture collection  of “sculptural castaways” earned her a feature in  Architectural Digest  and a Best in Show award at  Design Miami , and she applies that same artistic eye to creating elevated pet essentials. “The idea was the same, [with the pet products] I didn’t want them to get thrown away easily and I wanted people to use them for a long time,” Jay Sae Jung Oh tells The Wildest.

Simple and sophisticated, Boo Oh’s Lumi Leash is designed to combine utility and comfort with modern classic aesthetics. This leash contrasts the warm hues with a rich black leather — no one will fault you for wanting to borrow and turn it into a chic belt.  —SZ

Best Dog Boots

rubber booties for dogs

Regardless of how you spend your winters, every pet parent shares the same goals: We want our dogs with us, and we want them to be comfortable . Veterinarian Dr. Rachel Warnes of the Oregon Humane Society says when it comes to walking our dogs, “[it is] important to avoid things that will cause damage to the pads like extreme heat, cold, and rough terrain.” That’s where the ultra-protective, waterproof WagWellies come in.

All the salt that cities dump on the sidewalks to help you avoid breaking your tailbone every winter can also cause chemical burns on your dog’s paws. And listen up, snowbirds: Those warm might temps you love might also have your dog’s tender toes yelping for coverage. WagWellies feature open-vented slits that’ll make putting them on easy, so even the most resistant dog will rethink their stance on footwear. —SZ

Best Sustainable Walk Kit

lavender colored harness walk set

A walk kit that’s functional, stylish, and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in your entryway is hard to come by. One that meets all that criteria and ticks the sustainability box? That’s even more rare. Fortunately, Wanderruff matches all of the above. Made from recycled water bottles, the Kona leash, collar, and harness are also shipped using eco-friendly materials. The leash is six-feet long and comes in two widths for small and larger dogs, and the harness and collar are made with durable, easy-to-clean materials, making the whole walk kit a sensible choice for most pups.

Plus, the brand is participating in Patagonia’s 1% for the Planet global pledge and donating to Pacific Parklands Foundation this year — a cause we can all get behind. —RD

Best Cat Harness

harness in navy blue

This cat harness was designed with escape artists in mind, which is important, according to certified cat behavior consultant Marilyn Krieger: “Leashes attached to neck collars (or harnesses with attachments at the neck) are dangerous. Aside from giving your cat the potential to slip out from under them, the collar portion puts pressure on the front of the neck, which can cause serious injuries, such as cutting off air supply. Also, they can strangle cats!” Thankfully, this breathable mesh vest is at once lightweight and heavy duty, and the martingale feature cinches if your cat tries to wiggle free, so you can both walk with peace of mind. —Kellie Gormly

Btw, our editors (and their pets) picked out these products. They’re always in stock at the time we publish, but there’s a chance they’ll sell out. If you do buy through our links, we may earn a commission. (We’ve got a lot of toys to buy over here, you know?)

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