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10 Pet Brands Pledging to Save the Planet

A few of our favorite brands participating in Patagonia’s 1% for the Planet global movement — makers of kibble to catnip to carriers.

by Maia Welbel
Updated September 8, 2023
A dog in the desert modeling in a dog carrier bag.
Courtesy of Roverlund

Caring for our pets means caring for the planet, right? To ensure a future where our animals can continue to run, forage, and sniff out in nature, we should all be taking steps toward sustainability. Sure, resource conservation, wildlife protection, and other pillars of environmentalism call for a global commitment beyond what we can do as individual pet parents — but our habit shifts do add up when we work together!

That’s why we’re excited to see more of the pet care industry creating sustainability initiatives. A number of pet brands have recently joined 1% for the Planet — an organization that connects businesses and individuals with values-aligned nonprofit partners. How does it work? Each member commits to donating one percent of their revenues to chosen environmental nonprofits, and 1% for the Planet certifies all member donations, ensuring that support goes directly into eco-action. While that may not sound like a lot, that small number can make a huge difference — members have invested a total of over $350 million in environmental solutions through their network to date. 

“This is not philanthropy — this should be a cost of doing business,” said Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia and 1% for the Planet. “It’s paying rent for our use of the planet.” We rounded up 10 pet businesses participating in the 1% for the Planet pledge, who make everything from kibble to carriers to catnip.

the cat buzz box

The most fun purchase you can make for your cat might also be the most sustainable. Catbuzz from Pettobox is a hand-harvested, locally sourced, pesticide-free catnip blend wrapped in a reusable cotton pouch, and concocted for optimum cat enjoyment. Their catnip plants are grown in Rainier, WA, where farmers practice a sustainable intensification model to cultivate high-quality plants with minimal environmental impact. Did you know response to catnip is hereditary? About 70 to 80 percent of cats exhibit heightened excitement for 10 minutes or so after being exposed to catnip. If your kitty is one of them, you might want to try this out.

dog with a navy collar by water

Project Blu is a UK brand on a mission to revolutionize the pet accessories market. Made with materials like ocean-bound plastic, recycled textiles, and discarded fishing nets, their products turn trash into treasure. Since the brand was founded as an antidote to “throwaway culture,” each collar, toy, and dog bed is handmade to last. Check out the ELeather collection, which includes stylish leashes and collars upcycled from leather that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill. 

multiple poop bags

It might not be the most glamorous part of pet ownership, but caring for a dog means you’ve got to scoop their poop. Keep your walks eco-friendly with GreenLine Pet Supply poop bags, which (unlike others on the market) are genuinely biodegradable. The average dog owner throws away over 1,000 bags per year, so using bags that will break down readily in a landfill is an important part of being a sustainable pet parent. Bags are shipped in minimal packaging with bulk options available. 

cat in stainless steel bin

Laguna Beach-based cat care company Less Litter is the world’s only producer of litter boxes made entirely from medical-grade stainless steel — the same material used for making things like boat parts and medical instruments. While plastic litter boxes have a limited lifetime in your home, they persist indefinitely in landfills and cannot be recycled. A steel box from Less Litter, on the other hand, provides a clean and safe environment for your cat, and can be melted down into something useful once it needs to be replaced. 

author Maia Welbel

Maia Welbel

Maia is a freelance writer focused on using storytelling to help people treat our planet with more compassion. She lives in Chicago with her perfect pets, Maxx the dog and Rubie the cat. Find her on  maiawelbel.com  and @mwelbel.

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