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The Wildest and Pia Baroncini Threw a Dog Pool Party!

Party pics from LA’s hottest (coolest?) event.

by Samantha Gurrie
September 8, 2022
A woman in a black swimsuit in the pool offering a star shaped pool toy to one of two dogs on a rainbow pool raft

In the words of Mister Señor Love Daddy (Do the Right Thing), the forecast in LA has been “HOT!” Angelenos—and their dogs—have been melting in a relentless heat wave that has shattered temperature records.

So, what were we to do but throw an epic pool party?!

The Wildest teamed up with entrepreneur, rescue advocate, and dog (and human) mom extraordinaire Pia Baroncini to host a Dog Pool Party. Oh, we were also celebrating her Bulldog Chichi’s birthday!

LA’s coolest dog people, pooches in tow, turned up to beat the heat: Devin Brugman and her rescue dog Walter, Zizi Donohoe and her pup Rocco, Jessica Currie and scruffy Momo, The Wildest’s April cover star Stephanie Shepherd and Binx, and a dozen more made a splash.

Even a couple of our Collective members, integrative veterinarian Dr. Lindsey Wendt and celebrity dog trainer Nicole Ellis, were in attendance—Nicole taught a few dogs some new tricks, to boot. BIG thanks to Modernbeast who ensured the birthday boy and his friends were donning “pawty” crowns, and Jax&Bones who donated waterproof dog pool toys. Plus, celebrity chef Dan Churchill’s frozen blueberry dog popsicles were a hit!

Check out the post-party pics below, and keep scrolling to watch a video!

a large yellow dog swims with humans; a medium sized brown dog rests on a pool float
dogs by and in a pool
Three dogs gathered around a pool, one large yellow dog swimming with a toy
people and dogs lounging in a pool
a small dog shakes off water
a fluffy dog descends cobblestone steps; a brown dog in a hat is fed a treat
a big white dog
dogs lounge by a pool; a fluffy white dog is pet by the pool
two dogs lounge in a doorway; a basket of dog toys and flowers
people and dogs lounging in a pool

Samantha Gurrie

Samantha Gurrie

Samantha Gurrie is The Wildest’s Editor-in-Chief. She was previously the senior editor at NYLON magazine, co-publisher of Four&Sons, and director at Puerto Rican dog rescue The Sato Project. She lives in L.A. with her husband and rescued Pit Bull Midnight.