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7 Tips for a Dog Washing Station

Make bath day easier with a DIY dog washing station.

by Daniela Lopez
July 20, 2021
A man giving a dog a bath in a bathtub.
Photo: jenngarcia / Adobe Stock

Most pet parents approach bath time with a certain amount of trepidation. For large dogs, it can be challenging to bathe them in a traditional bathroom setting — and bathing small dogs? Well, that might be even worse, with pet parents often resorting to the kitchen sink. Bath time at home often translates to big backaches, cramped spaces, and lengthy clean-up — and unhappy pups.

The truth is that many dogs do not need to be bathed often — but some pups like to roll in the mud (and much more offensive things), while others have fur that requires more maintenance. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a dedicated area for dog washing where clean-up is easy, and big splashes are okay?

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If you’re looking to skip the groomers and have a dog washing station at home other than the tub, try these quick tips.

How to Create a Dog Wash Station at Home

Before you get too deep in design, determine where your dog washing station should go. If you have a mudroom, we recommend designing your dog washing station there but if not, consider the laundry room or even outdoors. Outdoor pet washing stations allow more flexibility and fun when it comes to design. What’s great about adding a pet washing station is it can also double as a utility sink.

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1. Make clean-up easy.

Be sure that the washing area is waterproof — remember the big shake at the end of a bath? A tiled surrounding is a must-have.

2. Get elevated.

For people with small to medium-sized dogs, consider an elevated dog washing station. It’s easier on the back and knees than bending over on the ground level.

3. Consider a walk-in shower.

For larger dogs or seniors, consider an accessible walk-in pet shower

4. Try a handheld sprayer.

Another crucial tool to make bath time more comfortable for your back, plus it’s an excellent tool for paw cleaning.

5. Get a bigger drain.

Builder Vincent Longo recommends going with a bigger 3” drain. It accommodates dog hair, but you’ll probably still need a hair filter to protect the plumbing pipes.

6. Use towel racks.

Be sure to add a couple of handy drying racks and hooks for easy access to the many towels you’ll go through.

7. Think storage.

When designing your dog washing station, go big or go home with — it is a must-have in any washing area. Add storage for soaps, shampoos, brushes, and towels.

Go pro: Talk to a licensed contractor about your tiled pet shower design ideas. You can get professional-level grooming stations from ProGroom and luxury sinks with skid-proofing at HydroSystems.

daniela lopez

Daniela Lopez

Daniela Lopez is a digital media specialist and long-time contributor to The Bark.

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