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7 of Chelsy Christina’s Favorite Eco-Friendly Cat Products

The organic catnip, faux dryer balls, and patchwork jacket endorsed by the eco-influencer and her kitties, Chanel and Chai.

by Avery Felman
November 3, 2022
Collage: The Wildest

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Sustainable lifestyle influencer and founder of Mindful Goods, Chelsy Christina, is nothing if not consistent. On her Instagram, between snaps of hikes in the LA hills, eco-friendly life hacks, green smoothie recipes, and clean beauty recommendations, you can expect to see her cats, Chanel and Chai, curled up against her linen bedding.

Aside from being a full-time cat mom and sharing sustainability tips, Mindful Goods occupies most of Christina’s time. The brand’s mission is to restore mindfulness in our daily routines and inspire meaningful climate change by using products that are plastic-free, compostable, and sourced from small businesses committed to having a positive impact on our planet. 

That’s why The Wildest was eager to learn about Christina’s favorite sustainable pet products. Below, the eco-conscious cat essentials to gift your favorite cat people.

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Avery, editor at The Wildest, and her cat, Chicken

Avery Felman

Avery is an editor at The Wildest. She has written for numerous publications, including Refinery29, BuzzFeed, and V Magazine. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her fiancé and cat, Chicken, and has high hopes that one of them will let her adopt a dog.