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routine care

Want to ace everyday pet wellness? Get tips on vet checks, vaccine schedules, preventative care, DIY remedies, and more.

Terrier dog jumping and flying high

Leap Venture Studio is a springboard for these companies designing “flexitarian” pet diets, state-of-the-art health tools, and more.

cat biting person's hand

Your cats oral hygiene is essential to their health. Take things slow and figure out what works best for your kittys pearly whites.

Two women, one with dark curly hair and deep skin and one with pink-blonde hair and lighter skin petting their grey cat

A veterinarian breaks down how it keeps your pet healthy and curbs kitten overpopulation.

Ask a Vet

Sudden scratching? Finicky food eater? Loose poop? Whatever pet health question is on your mind, our veterinary pros are here to help.

Kitten sitting on a blanket

With great cuteness comes great responsibility. A vet breaks down everything you need to know when you bring home a new kitten.

A puppy getting a wound dressed at the vet

We compared the top insurers so you don’t have to.

A woman with tattoos hugging her white cat in a cluttered, art-filled room

A rundown of the most common cat expenses of 2022.

Young modern woman with tattoos and orange hair sitting cross-legged on her bed with her cat

Cats can be hard to read. Especially when they’re sick. Or…not sick? We asked a veterinarian how to tell.

A woman laughing while sitting on a bench with her dog.

Your dog can’t tell you if they don’t feel well, but the cutting-edge AI behind this health tracker can.

Great Dane dog and Chihuahua dog laying in the grass

We know, our pets grow up too fast. But seriously, how fast is too fast (or slow)? The Wildest and Waltham Petcare Science Institute created a simple tool to help your new pet’s growth stay on track.

Growth Charts

So, you have a new, tiny family member? Well, we’ll help you track their growth, keep an eye on their health, and even predict how not-so-tiny they’ll become. Just add their weight to start.

Start Charting
A vet and a vet tech check up on a happy grey kitten in the office

I had to kiss a lot of frogs to find the perfect vet. Luckily, veterinarian Dr. Annette Louviere has some tips so you don’t have to, too.

A black cat holding onto a rope with its claws.

Cat veterinarian Dr. Annette Louviere explains how the inhumane surgery is no joke.

Blinking white and tan cat looks at the camera

Two veterinarians tag team on how to properly administer cat eye medication.

French bulldog being examined at the vet via stethoscope

Ways to lower your bill — without compromising your pet’s health.

3 Screenshots side by side of cover photos for three different Veterinarians who post videos on Tik Tok.

TikTok has an ton of veterinarians giving expert (and entertaining) advice at no cost.

A senior cat is held in their owner's lap

From taking them to the vet more often to giving them a hand with grooming, older kitties need a little extra TLC.