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routine care

Want to ace everyday pet wellness? Get tips on vet checks, vaccine schedules, preventative care, DIY remedies, and more.

A brunnette woman petting her black cat sitting on her desk while she prepares to give him a pill

Everything you need to know about the difficult task of medicating a cat.

cat getting a vaccine at the vet

A vet gets the facts straight.

A black cat holding onto a rope with its claws.

A cat veterinarian explains why the inhumane surgery is no joke.

Ask a Vet

Pet health question that’s not an emergency? Our vet team will answer over email within 48 hours. So, go ahead, ask us about weird poop, bad breath, and everything in between.

Cat with ginger medium length hair and green eyes

From health predispositions to breed history, Wisdom Panel’s genetic testing revealed my cat’s internal world.

A puppy getting a wound dressed at the vet

We compared the top insurers so you don’t have to.

Image of orange cat with veterinary cone on its head.

If you’re bracing yourself for some wackiness, don’t worry — it won’t last forever.

Happy stylish latino queer person looking comfortable on porch steps with gray cat.

They are the absolute light of your life. Here’s how you can help them live as close to forever as possible.

Young person veterinarian in their veterinary clinic performing a medical examination on a pet.

There is one way to make sure your cat stays safe: vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate.

orange cat being given a small cat food bowl

Sometimes, they actually do need to eat.

Growth Charts

So, you have a new, tiny family member? Well, we’ll help you track their growth, keep an eye on their health, and even predict how not-so-tiny they’ll become. Just add their weight to start.

Start Charting
Dr. Kwane Stewart and a large black dog.

What It Takes to Save a Life: A Veterinarian’s Quest for Healing and Hope will help you see pet parenthood with new eyes.

woman smiling looking at small Australian Shepard

It sounds great, but here’s how it actually works.

Person with short hair putting water bowl on floor for cat

Their desert-dwelling roots might resist hydration, but these tricks can help.

A dog and a cat eating from the same food dish.

Tips to help make sure your pet isn’t packing on too many pounds.

Brown Labrador lifting front leg

Spot lumps, limps, and lethargy early on.

cat with cone after vet visit

Get thy cat to a vet, even if it’s a struggle to get them out the door.