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anxiety & separation anxiety

Learn how to deal with separation anxiety (and other forms of pet anxiety) so they keep calm when you’re not together.

woman holds chimes over dog's head during a sound bath

Plus, the other effective holistic ways to get your dog to a zen place.

A woman and a man grilling outside with a dog.

It’s the unofficial start of summer, and you don’t want to spend it at the emergency vet.

orange cat looking out window

Why your cat freaks out when you’re away (and how to help).

Training Program

Try these free training programs from our friends at Dogo to help with new dog life and basic obedience.

Start Training
a cat sniffs a silver vine toy

If cats had their own TikTok trends, this would be one.

woman sits on a bed looking solemn, alongside her cat

Good thing they can’t talk about you in therapy.

Cat being affectionate towards woman with tattoos

You could solve the mystery that is your kitty.

two dogs meeting on leashes

 Trainer Charlie DiBono warns against these greetings on all fronts.

Person in a white dress with a calm tan dog leaning on their lap

Hey, man. It’s all about those chemical messengers. See how Adaptil can help your pup.

Labrador retriever dog sitting next to the elevator while owner is calling the elevator.

And how to help them feel less scared when they enter the tiny rumbling room that moves.

Ask a Vet

Pet health question that’s not an emergency? Our vet team will answer over email within 48 hours. So, go ahead, ask us about weird poop, bad breath, and everything in between.

Close-up portrait of a wide-eyed Border Collie dog standing in the driveway of her home

It actually has a lot to do with genetics.

Two black cats staring out window.

People, let me tell you ’bout (your cat’s) best friend.

Cat looking at human

They want you around more than your sweaty T-shirt in their carrier, but thanks for the thought.

a beautiful girl with long hair lies on the bed and hugs her dog. the dog looks away sad

How to cope with dog anxiety — from training to medication.

A fluffy gray cat playfully swiping at a brown scruffy dog

Just kidding, but you (or other pets) might be stressing them out more than necessary. Here’s how.

a brown dog sleeps on a gray couch, surrounded by white pillows

In fact, it chills them out.