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behavior & body language

Tail wagging? Ear pinning? It all means something. We’ll show you how to understand your pet (and communicate with them) with guides to decode the weirdest body language and behavior.

dog looking at a person's hand

It turns out, dogs know a useless instruction when they hear it.

profile portrait of grumpy a ginger dog, inside on a golden retro velvet armchair

This study found that cranky pups are actually very fast social learners.

Golden Retrieve dog running in the grass outside, playfully chasing a flirt pole held by a man in blue jeans

Get out the toys and puzzles.

Ask a Vet

Pet health question that’s not an emergency? Our vet team will answer over email within 24 hours. So, go ahead, ask us about weird poop, bad breath, and everything in between.

A woman sitting on the floor of her bedroom feeding her dog a treat.

Yes — and no. Here’s why positive-reinforcement training matters.

Gray striped cat and white cat playing on cat tree.

A recent study breaks down the difference.

Girl And Two Dogs

Turns out, they can experience pretty complex emotions.

Same sex couple with their dog lying on the bed laughing at his farts

Expert solutions for your pup’s flatulence.

a tattooed person with curly red hair on a couch pets a brown and black cat

And...will they do anything about it if they do?

Dog playing with orange ball toy at the beach on a sunny day

This body language is not as simple as you probably think.

Training Program

Try these free training programs from our friends at Dogo to help with new dog life and basic obedience.

Start Training
Two colorful Great Danes illustration.

This study says it’s actually less about what’s in their DNA and more about what’s on it.

Small gray tabby kitten playing with a toy

Let the purring, drooling, and chasing invisible butterflies commence.

Man and golden retreiver laying on stomach looking at each other in bed

A whimpering dog sounds as sad as a crying baby to pet parents. Here's why.

dark-haired woman hugging cat on bed

This has nothing to do with werewolves named Jacob, but here are 10 signs this is happening.

White cat switching on lamp on couch

You want to sleep, your cat wants to party. Here’s how to deal.

Sad boxer rests on owners lap, dog doesn't want to be touched

Animal behaviorist Karen B. London breaks down the silent ways your pet is trying to tell you they’re hurting.