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Everything you need—advice on those first vet visits, nail trims, accessories, nutrition tips, and more—to keep your kitten purring.

Bodil Jane illustration, someone waters a garden with a brown dog in it

Your personality may actually have something to do with your pet’s personality.

Puppy eating his food next to the window.

Here’s what you need to know if you think your pet has been affected.

A smiling veterinarian holding a cat

It’s extra important to be nice to the vet in your life.

Man in his mid 20's cuddling in bed with his white labrador puppy.

This study says you benefit from a power nap. Guess what? So does your cat or dog.

Young man playing with large white dog and dog toys.

Here’s how we selected everything you’re shopping in our Best in Show guide this year.

A puppy getting a wound dressed at the vet

We compared the top insurers so you don’t have to.

cat and dog laying on bed together

It covers your pet so you can get that broken leg fixed — while keeping your wallet happy.

A larger cat holding a baby kitten.

Age isn’t always just a number.

Cute puppy on dirty rug at home

Experts say pet stains are 911 situations — here’s how to act fast.

Brown Labrador lifting front leg

Spot lumps, limps, and lethargy early on.

woman with new puppy

Sound advice from seasoned dog and cat parents who have been there.

Collage of people, pets and products on a gradient background with white outlines

Our first year in review, from top-read articles and celebrity features to most-popular Instagram and TikTok posts!

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