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Miss Independent? Let Your Dog Trim Their Own Nails

ScratchPad is a less stressful solution to claw care for DIY pups.

by Sean Zucker
October 16, 2022
Black Labrador dog sitting on a white fur blanket on a gray couch that has a purple rectangular ScratchPad leaning on the front
Courtesy of ScratchPad for Dogs

If Pete Davidson’s ever-expanding docket of A-list girlfriends hasn’t made it clear — nail care is in. But while the attention Pete gives to his nails might be a stylistic display of artistic expression, our dogs need to keep their claws tamed for their own health and comfort — not to mention to also protect the fabric of all nearby couches.

Unfortunately for pet parents, we know all too well the difficulty of this proposition. Anyone who has ever attempted to trim their dog’s nails at home understands the emotional toll that process can have on all parties involved. And we can also attest to the financial strain of relying solely on the pros. Well, ScratchPad appears to be a happy medium between the two options. 

My Pit Bull, Banshee, takes after her dad in the sense that she appreciates her independence and is incredibly vain. So allowing her the opportunity to perform her own self care seemed like a perfect situation. She, like many dogs, is generally pretty skittish at the sight of a clipper or grinder. Then again, I don’t love the idea of a stranger grabbing my hand and picking away at my nails, either — even if they are probably in need of a trim.

Upon opening the ScratchPad, I immediately noticed was how hefty it was. It is essentially an enormous nail filer that feels custom-made for someone like André the Giant or those trolls at the beginning of The Hobbit. To be fair, Banshee’s paws are likely not far off in size from The Eighth Wonder of the World’s feet, so it works out.

Like standard filers, ScratchPads come in a couple of different textures. They offer medium sandpaper for gentler scratchers or coarse sandpaper for those whose claws can easily break skin — like my lovely behemoth of a pup. You can also opt for a combo for the ol’ half pepperoni half cheese treatment. The pads do wear over time and roughly six to nine months is the expected use period — an estimate my dog is seemingly determined to break. Thankfully, if the sandpaper wears down prior to six months, ScratchPad will send a free replacement. 

Now, there is a bit of training involved to teach your dog how to properly use a ScratchPad, but the company offers ample guidance. In addition to free digital training with certified trainers, ScratchPad gives you access to videos that go step by step on how to ease your pup into using the product. It’s all fairly simple, ultimately leading to giving your dog treats for trimming their nails — an exercise Banshee truly enjoyed.

Each ScratchPad is made by hand and clearly big enough for 90-pound Pitties. For smaller dogs, it’s recommended to turn the pad on its side for easier access. Of course, being the superficial man I am, I really bought a ScratchPad because it is a color that can only be described as Prince purple. And like the artist himself, ScratchPad values philanthropy. The company dedicates a portion of all its proceeds to various rescues and 501(c)3 charities.

Sean Zucker

Sean Zucker

Sean Zucker is a writer whose work has been featured in Points In Case, The Daily Drunk, Posty, and WellWell. He has an adopted Pit Bull named Banshee whose work has been featured on the kitchen floor and whose behavioral issues rival his own.

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