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Saint Rue is Bringing Preppy Back

The British brand’s scholarly chic collar, leash, and matching crossbody get an A+ in twinning with your dog (and extra credit for being vegan and supporting mental health).

by Rebecca Caplan
April 5, 2022
Woman wearing Saint Rue bag sitting next to dog wearing matching Saint Rue collar
Courtesy of Saint Rue

For the longest time, dog owners were faced with two choices when it came to leashing our pups: Outfit our dogs with sturdy, reliable leashes made of shiny braided nylons that look like they belong on a 90s sandal strap. Or take a chance on a cute but usually flimsy leash that might put our pup’s safety at risk. Aesthetically conscious pet parents prayed for a solution — and lo and behold, the aptly named Saint Rue has answered those prayers.

Founded by Frenchie mom Nikki Star, Saint Rue is a pet lifestyle brand that creates safe, streetwear-inspired leashes and harnesses for your pup — with matching accessories for you. Recently the brand has taken their twinning game to the next level with the City Mini, a nylon crossbody that looks plucked straight from the closet of the coolest TikToker you know. The difference with this bag is that it pairs with any of Saint Rue’s leash-matching City Straps, so you and your pup can change up your vibe at a moment’s notice. Plus most of Saint Rue’s matching pet products are backed by a “Forever Guarantee” a.k.a. a lifetime warranty that protects your pup’s accessories from accidental damage (and yes, that includes chewing and any other dog disasters). 

The City Mini also holds the answer to every pet parent’s least stylish accessory — the ever-humbling poop bag roll. The City Mini’s interior features a zipper pocket for your poop bags, in addition to a discrete exterior opening for easy access. Aside from your poop related accessories, the City Mini is “​​big enough for your keys, a few cards, your favorite lip balm and dog treats,” according to the Saint Rue website. Some phones might be petite enough to squeeze in, but chances are you will have yours in your hand anyway to snap as many pics as possible for the ‘Gram. 

And, as committed as they are to the yassification of the poop and scoop experience, Saint Rue is also dedicated to supporting mental health, with 10% of the brand’s proceeds going to The National Alliance on Mental Illness. The brand also believes in using “premium grade vegan materials” so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing the wellness of one animal for the aesthetic upgrade of your own. Just goes to show, Saint Rue is here to make sure everyone stays blessed *insert praying hands emoji*

rebecca caplan

Rebecca Caplan

Rebecca Caplan is a writer based in Brooklyn whose work has been featured in The New Yorker, Reductress, and Vulture. She lives in Brooklyn with her perfect, toothless dog Moose.