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Everything You Need to Throw Your Cat a Party

For their birthday or gotcha day or…do you need a reason?

by Mai Lynn Miller Nguyen
May 22, 2021
Cat wearing a party hat against a blue backdrop

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Paperless Post invite? Check. Gold foil balloons that spell out Happy Birthday? Check. Glittery hat for the birthday girl? Check. With the fervor of J.Lo in The Wedding Planner, I threw myself into pulling together the Best. Party. Ever. Did I mention the birthday girl was my cat?

“It’s a little insane,” confessed one of my friends when I invited her to attend. She joined via Zoom, along with 10 other pals and their pets from as far as Cairo and Luxembourg City. After months of indulging me as I rhapsodized about Pippi, my friends knew this kitten had gotten me through the pandemic. (She even managed to warm the heart of my 97-year-old grandmother who considers animals “overrated.”) And we could all use a good-humored excuse for a party in a year when the well of celebratory spirit has been achingly dry, am I right?

So, I had to go all out for Pip’s first birthday party. I don’t know when her exact date of birth is since she was found wandering in the woods at six weeks old, but I guesstimated. (Turns out, it’s likely a week after my own — a day that passed by this year with considerably less fanfare than my cat’s). While I spent more hours than I’d like to admit researching cat trivia and assembling customized bingo cards with photos of her face, I found all the festive decorations online. If you’re inspired to throw your own cat a birthday bash, here’s your party planning checklist.

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Mai Lynn Miller Nguyen

Mai Lynn Miller Nguyen is a freelance culture writer who launched a neighborhood publication called The Pet Times while in elementary school. She is a devoted (read: obsessed) pet parent to Pippi, a spirited little orange cat who was found in the wilds of Michigan in 2020, has since crossed the country three times, and loves to climb trees.