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A Cat Lover’s Guide to NYC

A cat-friendly guide to cafés, spas, shops, and hotels that’d make anyone purr.

by Nikki Palumbo
February 25, 2022
Gray cat walking through an antique shop

New York is for cat lovers. Other than the obvious reasons — high buildings, small tight spaces, tunnels, bridges, birds, reflections, noises in the night, and all sorts of other curiosities — the city is a cat-friendly home to cafés, spas, shops, and hotels that’d make anyone purr.

Cat Cafés

While it’s natural to associate the word “café” with coffee, some of New York’s most popular cafés have something more adorable (but just as warm) on the menu: adoptable cats.

Brooklyn Cat Café

76 Montague Street, Brooklyn

The only non-profit cat café in NYC, this hip cat adoption center and social space run by the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition is an inviting destination for cat lovers of all ages. While the physical space is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the live kitten cam is online around the clock.


26 Clinton Street, LES

Inspired by Japan’s cat café culture — Koneko means “kitten” in Japanese — this bright and upbeat Lower East Side location has an artisanal Japanese-influenced menu, house-made pastries, beer, wine, sake, and oh yeah, adoptable cats. Cats freely roam in three spaces: the sunlit Upper Cattery, the cozy Lower Cattery, and a first-of-its-kind outdoor Catio.

Meow Parlour

46 Hester Street, LES

NYC’s first cat café temporarily closed for the pandemic but recently reopened. Attendees of the coffee shop can treat themselves to some delicious pastries and cuddle with cats during a break in the work day. You can also support them with donations and foster or adopt their rescues online or in person. Cozying up with a cup of joe and your potential adoptee or foster is a great way to pass an afternoon.

Rescues & Shelters

New York’s illustrious career as the place for rom-com meet-cutes includes finding the furry love of your life.

BARC Shelter

86 N 1st Street, Brooklyn

A not-for-profit, no-kill, privately run animal shelter located in Williamsburg, the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition offers appointment-only cat adoptions and fosters.

Anjellicle Cats Rescue

340 W 49th Street

On a mission to make New York a no-kill city, Anjellicle Cats Rescue is one of the most active cat rescues in the five boroughs, dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and adopting out homeless and abandoned cats.

City Critters

1107 Broadway

Committed to finding humane homes for the city’s abandoned cats (including kittens with special needs), City Critters has created a contactless interview and application process — they’ll even bring the cats right to their new homes via curbside service.

“Famous” Shop Cats

Whether you’re window shopping or window sleeping, here are a few small businesses — and cat proprietors — to pop by, as featured in Shop Cats of New York.

  • Bobo at Japan Market Inc in Chinatown, Manhattan

  • Bud at Chenille Cleaners in Midtown West, Manhattan

  • Charlie at Park Slope Copy in Park Slope, Brooklyn

  • Charlie at Smoke Scene in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan

  • Clive at Canine Styles Boutique on the Upper East Side, Manhattan

Cat-Friendly Hotels

If you’re traveling to (or within) the city with your cat in tow, don’t forget their security blanket — and a possible security deposit.

The Algonquin Hotel

59 West 44th Street, Manhattan

Traditionally cat-friendly — the Algonquin’s most important resident is a cat named Hamlet — the hotel allows travelers with pets, or pets with travelers.

Less legendary but equally cat-friendly hotels:

Cat-Themed Haunts

Whether they’re borrowing the “Cat” name for cred or have gone full-feline themed, here are a few places to grab a beverage and toast the finest furball in your life.


A happy and healthy cat means a happy and healthy home. While pet care has an expensive reputation, it’ll save you in the long-run to a) have a doctor familiar with your furriest family member, b) disclose money issues with the vet upfront to figure out a payment solution, and c) microchip, should your indoor cat ever become outdoor-curious.

Bond Vet

Various locations

With eight locations in New York, Bond Vet offers friendly, compassionate walk-in, tele-health and urgent care for pets. Founder Dr. Zay Satchu is also a member of The Wildest ’s Expert Collective.

One Love Animal Hospital

317 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

One of the best ways to find a vet is asking fellow cat-owners, but an always solid and adored choice is One Love Animal Hospital in Downtown Brooklyn.

The Cat Practice

145 W 24th Street, Manhattan

Over its 40 years of operation, The Cat Practice has earned a reputation as a go-to for cats in need, offering reliable care and boarding seven days a week.

Spas & Groomers

The yin of a city that never sleeps is the yang of a city that indulges in pampering, and there’s no one more gorgeous or glamorous than a well-groomed cat.

Unleashed Spa

218 Avenue B

Unleashed offers two cat grooming packages: the Bath Package includes nails and sanitary clips, ear cleaning, and a blowout while the Lion’s Clip includes nails, sanitary clipper cleaning, blowout, and cut. Don’t forget to ask about oral treatment (teeth brushing and dental spray).


349 East 82nd Street

An upscale grooming salon for a bath and cut as delightful as the name.

The Pet Maven

2 Tudor City Place

Need a house call? The Pet Maven offers at-home cat-sitting and grooming, including a stylish cut and massage.

nikki palumbo

Nikki Palumbo

Nikki is a writer and comedian. Their writing has appeared on The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, Funny or Die, Reductress, the Google Assistant, and her folks’ fridge. They were named one of WhoHaha’s “35 LGBTQ Creators We Love” in 2018 and a Yes, And Laughter Lab finalist in 2019. They worked as a story producer on the YouTube Originals weekly music show, RELEASED, and wrote for the inaugural 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted, hosted by Nikki Glaser. Nikki hosts the monthly-ish standup show Queer Tiger Beat, which has been recommended by The New York Times and featured in Time Out.

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