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basic obedience & training

Learn how to teach your pet basic obedience from the pros: potty training, crate training, even litter box training. Plus, how to find a professional trainer.

A kitten playing with a mouse cat toy.

Your cat deserves to play. You deserve to walk away unscathed.

A redheaded woman in a black hat and sunglasses holding her pug dog under her arm as well as two boarding passes and her passport in an airport hallway

Not every public place allows ESAs — but there are ways to advocate for yourself and your needs when your pup or other ESA is not on the guest list.

A woman with curly black hair sitting in front of a dark purple and yellow backdrop while looking down affectionately at her two cats sitting on her lap

If your cat still approaches you with a figurative arched eyebrow of skepticism, try these tricks to put them at ease.

Basic Obedience

Try the Basic Obedience program

Sometimes you’ve gotta go basic. This course will teach your dog to focus on you and listen for cues, all through positive reinforcement. (Time to stock up on treats.) All with 25 new skills in 3 weeks.

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A brunnette woman petting her black cat sitting on her desk while she prepares to give him a pill

Everything you need to know about the difficult task of medicating a cat.

Cat sitting in a teal litter box

If you do nothing else, teach your cat to poop in their litter box (not your shoe).

White cat with black head spots standing in front of verbal buttons on the living room floor

Cat behaviorist Kristiina Wilson and her viral cat, Steve, are successfully communicating with speech buttons.

An angry and hissing Siamese kitten standing on top of a laptop computer in the living room

Tips to help you find a legit behaviorist (according to a veterinary behaviorist).

A gray cat in a tan cat carrier

A behaviorist’s six surefire steps to training a cat to go in a carrier.

Gray cat sniffing a glass on a shelf

A veterinarian on how nosework and scent enrichment can strengthen your bond.

Ask a Vet

A Burma breed cat on a leashed harness sitting near a feet of a girl at a pedestrian crossing.

Adventure Cats author Laura Moss’s step-by-step guide for hitting the streets with your cat.

A woman walking with her dog at golden hour.

Animal behaviorist Karen London on how springing forward and falling back causes your dog or cat to lose sleep, too.

Couple holding a white cat in their arms

Take things slow, according to cat behaviorist Jennifer Van de Kieft.

2 cats on a small chair

Feels high stakes because it kind of is.

Woman using a laptop in bed, looking at her cat

June is Adopt a Cat Month. Here’s how to help your rescue kitty feel at home.