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behavioral issues

Dog barking? Cat scratching? Our experts have tips to help all sorts of behavior and aggression issues so your pet can earn that “good boy!” (or girl).

A black and white kitten nibbling on the leaf of a plant in a livingroom.

Tips to get your cat to quit eating your greens.

Dog in high contrast lit hallway standing near a food bowl

It’s a gut thing: Your dog’s GI issues could be linked to their mental health.

An angry and hissing Siamese kitten standing on top of a laptop computer in the living room

Tips to help you find a legit behaviorist (according to a veterinary behaviorist).

Ask a Vet

Sudden scratching? Finicky food eater? Loose poop? Whatever pet health question is on your mind, our veterinary pros are here to help.

Woman in a grey t-shirt and black overalls holding a sad looking ginger kitten

Why adopting two kittens may be easier (and better for them) than adopting one.

A woman sitting on a couch with a dog.

Dogs and cats can’t read self-help books, so a veterinary behaviorist explains how your pet may benefit from being in treatment.

Two cats in a living room that appear to be arguing.

Between actual cats, people.

A cat sitting on a shelf with glassware.

Your brand new iPhone, antique figurine, full glass of water — they will swat it off the table. A cat behaviorist explains why.

cat biting person's hand

Don’t live in fear of your feline overlord. A veterinarian explains why cats bite (and what you can do to avoid their wrath).

Kitten scratching fabric sofa

What worked, what didn’t, and what finally solved the peskiest of cat parent quandaries.

Training Program

Try these free training programs from our friends at Dogo to help with new dog life and basic obedience.

Start Training
Black and white cat in a shelter

And how to fix them!

A cat laying on a binder chewing on a pen.

If your cat nibbles on pen caps and power cords, they could be bored...

Cat hissing at a person attempting to pet its cheek

We asked a cat behaviorist how to help your pet warm up to your new love interest.

cat coming out of litter box

A cat behaviorist explains why they are so particular about where they pop a squat.