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This Candle Brand Is Keeping it Lit for Pit Bulls

Each month, Lucy and Kaya donates a portion of proceeds to a different dog rescue. For October, it’s Stand Up for Pits.

by Sean Zucker
October 23, 2022
three lucy and kaya candles (white candle named chonky potato, pink named land seal, and rose gold named velvet hippo) all for the stand up for pit bulls fundraiser
Courtesy of Lucy and Kaya

At this point, there’s not much candles can’t do. They’re perfect for setting a mood, have the ability to de-stress, and are a crucial component of any respectable witchcraft ritual — if that’s your thing. Well, thanks to Lucy and Kaya, you can now add animal advocacy to the list of competencies. The brand recently partnered with Stand Up for Pits (SUFP) to help raise awareness and funds for the Pittie-focused nonprofit.

Founded by comedian Rebecca Corry and inspired by her own dogs, Stand Up for Pits is an organization that combines comedy and activism to help educate on Pit Bull discrimination and halt related abuse. Over the past decade, Corry and SUFP have toured the country hosting events and shows featuring performers from the likes of Kaley Cuoco to Adam Sandler, often with adorable Pitties ready to be adopted into their forever homes.

This month, Lucy and Kaya designed three Pit Bull-inspired candles to help support SUFP’s mission. Appropriately named Velvet Hippo, Land Seal, and Chonky Potato, 50 percent of profits from each will go directly to Stand Up for Pits. It’s part of Lucy and Kaya’s ongoing efforts to support animal rescues and organizations. Each month, the brand drops a new fundraiser candle with a portion of the proceeds going to an associated charity. Previous beneficiaries have included Deity Animal Rescue, a Los Angeles-based group helping local pups in need, and Animal Pad, an organization saving dogs from the streets of Mexico.

Dog welfare, especially for Pitties, is something Lucy and Kaya founder Cami Uchoa feels personally passionate about. She’s mom to one Pit Bull, Ty, and regularly fosters others. Uchoa currently has three total pups under her care, two of which have behavioral issues and rehabilitation is a top priority. Of course, like any self-respecting pet parent, Uchoa has an Instagram dedicated to the dogs. She posts extensively about their backgrounds, goofy personalities, and journeys toward adoption.

The candles themselves offer scents as unique as any Pit Bull personality. Velvet Hippo is perfect for anyone who has ever dreamt of owning a lake house. Inspired by dogs who love taking a dip, it smells of rain and lake water. The Land Seal option is great for campers, who dig the woodsy smell of pine. Chonky Potato is reminiscent of the sweetest pups, with playful whiffs of coconut and floral vibes. 

All of Lucy and Kaya’s products are designed to minimize their environmental footprint. Each candle is made of vegan wax with a wooden wick and shipped using eco-friendly packaging. Not to mention, every Lucy and Kaya candle is treated with healing Reiki. Safe to say this is a flame you’ll want to light.

Sean Zucker

Sean Zucker

Sean Zucker is a writer whose work has been featured in Points In Case, The Daily Drunk, Posty, and WellWell. He has an adopted Pit Bull named Banshee whose work has been featured on the kitchen floor and whose behavioral issues rival his own.