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Best in Show 2022

Meet the 115 pet products that won The Wildest’s stamp of approval in 2022: spiffy sweaters, chic carriers, interactive toys, superfood treats, smoothing shampoos, and more.

When five dogs, their zany parents, and stereotypically regimented handlers come together…wait, that’s the plot of Best in Show (2000). This is The Wildest’s ultimate roundup of all the best there is in pet care. And, just like Jennifer Coolidge and Parker Posey, we have come prepared with winners in every category (and rescue-animal models engineered to make you swoon). In our 2022 Best in Show guide, our writers and editors — including experts and real pet parents — have dug up the products that will enhance your pet’s life as they get spiffy, eat, play, walk, travel, and lounge with the best of them.

These days, being a top contender also means caring about the earth (a.k.a. your dog’s bathroom and the place your cat plots to dominate). If we’ve put our stamp of approval on a brand, you can be sure their commitment to sustainability got high scores in our book. We know a trendy color palette when we see one, so while being good for the planet, it’s also all very pretty.

Hang up the leash, sweep up the litter, and settle in for a nice cozy afternoon of shopping. Watch out for any wandering paws; it’s easy to get “add to cart” happy when everything on the screen is for you. By the time you’re done, your pet will be so well outfitted they will deserve a “best in show” ribbon every day of the week. And we know you’ll be happy to award it to them.

* Special thanks to Adopt-a-Pet for casting adoptable animal models.

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