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11 TikTok Challenges For Restless Dogs

Viral trends that’ll help your dog (okay, you) through long days of isolation and/or boredom.

by Heven Haile
November 4, 2021
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Do you have a cute dog? Is this cute dog restless as a result of being cooped up in your home amidst a global pandemic? Try these viral TikTok challenges to bond with your pet, keep them entertained in between outdoor outings, and curb barking during your very important Zoom meetings. Plus, your pup can be a source of joy to random people (me) on the internet. So, don’t be selfish. Share the virtual serotonin. It’s what the world needs at a time like this!

1. The Obstacle Challenge

Do you have leftover plastic cups from a holiday party and a hallway? Great! You can use them to set up an obstacle course for your confused pup. Just hold up a treat on the other side of a red solo cup maze and watch as your pet turns into an Olympian.

2. Call Your Dog’s Name Challenge

Do you remember in Diary of a Wimpy Kid when Greg and his classmates pretend that a kid was invisible for an entire year? This is sort of similar (minus the long-term trauma from adolescent bullying). All you need to do is call your dog’s name while they are right next to you and watch as they try to get your attention.

3. Clap For Your Dog Challenge

Everyone could use some positive affirmations these days, especially pets. To show your appreciation for your awesome pet, gather your friends and family together, and give your pup a big round of applause.

4. The Triggering Dog Sound Challenge 

Since dogs can detect sounds at frequencies higher than humans, this sound is expected to make your dog suspicious and tilt their head side to side ever so adorably. 

5. The Patatak Dance Challenge

This challenge will require you to bust out some choreography. So dust off your yoga mat and get to stretching! When you’re nice and limber, copy this dance created by @mihnea.craciun and watch your pup’s reaction. 

6. Mario Kart Challenge

Do you ever wish that you could play video games with your pet? Try out this makeshift Mario Kart game for your pup. Just set up a line of treats leading up to a camera and record them as they reach the finish line. If you have multiple pets you can turn it into a race! 

7. My Boo Challenge 

Time really does fly. One day you were at the shelter picking up your puppy and now you have to properly position your knees to avoid straining your back when you pick them up. To properly take a nostalgic walk down memory lane, stitch a video of your pup when you first got them with a video of them today, and reminisce about all the major life milestones you’ve experienced together.  

8. Happy Dog Sound

This challenge will allow you to put all of your stored videos of your dog to good use. Just dig up archived videos of your happy pup rolling on the ground, smiling, or jumping around and place this original audio by DJ Moody over it. 

9. Doggy Diet

Mealtime is a sacred event for dogs. But what happens when their favorite kibble is rationed to only a few drops? Let’s find out! 


Reply to @user285846192329 she was not amused #dogdietchallenge #doberman #dogdietprank

♬ Oh No - Kreepa

10. Choosing Sides Challenge

Have you ever wondered if your dog likes you or your partner better? This challenge will put your pet’s loyalty to the test. Just place your dog equidistant between you and your partner, roommate, sibling, parent, etc. and watch as they shatter one of your hearts. Try giving them a treat everyday leading up to this challenge to avoid public humiliation. 

11. Bark At Your Dog 

This challenge requires you to challenge your inner dog. Face your pup, let out your best bark, and record their reaction. This will give them a taste of what you feel at 3 am. 

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Heven Haile

Heven Haile is a writer living in New York City with their cat Patches.

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