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Dog Behavior

Training a dog? We’ve got expert tips for the wackiest of behaviors.

basic obedience & training

Learn how to teach your pet basic obedience from the pros: potty training, crate training, even litter box training. Plus, how to find a professional trainer.

Dog walker crossing a street with three dogs

Set your pup up for success.

Woman walking her dog in a park

Your dog may need more exercise than you think, according to two vets and a behaviorist.

A woman wearing a yellow headband and a white off-the-shoulder shirt with blue jeans and platform black flower boots kneeling next to her black Poodle mix dog on the lawn outside

Your dog might not know your name. Don’t take offense; just play this game.

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Wildly Popular

behavioral issues

Dog barking? Cat scratching? Our experts have tips to help all sorts of behavior and aggression issues so your pet can earn that “good boy!” (or girl).

Small dog humps its teddy bear toy on the room floor

No less than 7 animal behaviorists weigh in on what’s behind all of this bumping and grinding.

Dog looking out of a red half-door

Dog trainer Pat Miller’s pro tips for preventing your pup from darting out the door.

A woman sitting on her bed, holding her dog's paw in her palm.

Dog trainer Robert Haussmann’s tips for teaching a pushy pup that there are friendlier ways to get what they want.

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Training Program

Try these free training programs from our friends at Dogo to help with new dog life and basic obedience.

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behavior & body language

Tail wagging? Ear pinning? It all means something. We’ll show you how to understand your pet (and communicate with them) with guides to decode the weirdest body language and behavior.

A woman with a book in her hand walking her dog on a leash in a grassy park.

Why you should let your dog get all their sniffs out on a stroll.

Jack Russell puppy grunting while laying on blanket and crying out

How to make sense of all those grunts and whines.

Two mixed breed dogs, one white with brown spots and one black, both biting on a S-shaped teal chew toy int he grass outside

7 signs your pup and their pal have BFF potential.

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anxiety & separation anxiety

Learn how to deal with separation anxiety (and other forms of pet anxiety) so they keep calm when you’re not together.

Beagle with a worried and anxious look

Four veterinarians weigh in on how to cope with dog anxiety, from training to medicating.

Greyhound dog lying on top of couch looking out of a window

Compression vests, interactive toys, and pheromone sprays are game-changers.

A woman wearing a knit sweater holding a dog close on the floor of her bedroom.

Here’s how you can train your dog to be calm at home alone, instead of sad-singing “All By Myself” on karaoke until you come back through the door.

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