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behavioral issues

Dog barking? Cat scratching? Our experts have tips to help all sorts of behavior and aggression issues so your pet can earn that “good boy!” (or girl).

Small dog humps its teddy bear toy on the room floor

No less than 7 animal behaviorists weigh in on what’s behind all of this bumping and grinding.

Dog looking out of a red half-door

Dog trainer Pat Miller’s pro tips for preventing your pup from darting out the door.

A woman sitting on her bed, holding her dog's paw in her palm.

Dog trainer Robert Haussmann’s tips for teaching a pushy pup that there are friendlier ways to get what they want.

Ask a Vet

Pet health question that’s not an emergency? Our vet team will answer over email within 24 hours. So, go ahead, ask us about weird poop, bad breath, and everything in between.

OK, OK, don’t come for us. We know dogs and kids are very different to raise, but this study finds they respond to different parenting styles in similar ways.

A woman wearing a knit sweater holding a dog close on the floor of her bedroom.

Here’s how you can train your dog to be calm at home alone, instead of sad-singing “All By Myself” on karaoke until you come back through the door.

Bulldog standing in the lawn in front of a plain wood Pickett fence

Dog trainer Robert Haussmann’s tips for calming down a dog who’s protective of their turf.

A blonde woman wearing a longsleeved green jumper and sneakers sitting in the open trunk of a SUV car with her arm around her Golden Retriever dog sitting next to her

Celebrity dog trainer Victoria Stilwell explains how to crate-train a dog with an intense fear of being in the car.

Big dog says hello to a dinner guest sitting at the table

Expert advice for people with dogs who jump, bark, and generally go nuts when people come over.

A dog resting its face on a dinner table.

5 tips for keeping your dog out of trouble on Thanksgiving.

Training Program

Try these free training programs from our friends at Dogo to help with new dog life and basic obedience.

Start Training
A puppy nibbling on a woman's pant outside in the grass.

Dog trainer Robert Haussmann’s tips for dealing with an attention-seeking puppy.

Dachshund dog freezing on a rock during a walk

Suddenly, your neighborhood sidewalk has some new installation art: your frozen dog.

A Boston terrier hanging out in a teal blue chair

Keep the faith; you can fix this pee-action.

White Shepherd mix dog wearing a pink muzzle while sitting on the grass with sunset cliffs and the ocean in the background

How the misunderstood training tool actually empowers dogs to be “happy, fulfilled, and living their best lives.”

A small white Terrier mixed breed dog sitting on the couch with its collar in its mouth looking at its pet parent, a brunette man relaxing on the couch while another dog looks on form the side

New York Rep. Linda Rosenthal’s new bill puts pups first.

Dog with sleep startle reflex. Woman lays on her couch and gently wakes up her dog

“Let sleeping dogs lie” is more than just a confusing old saying.