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The Best Gifts for Cat Moms

It’s Mother’s Day. Give the cat lady in your life a gift that’s stylish, entertaining, and has small carbon paw prints.

by Samantha Gurrie
May 2, 2021
Woman affectionately bumping noses with her cat

Your pet wants you to read our newsletter. (Then give them a treat.)

A traditional Mother’s Day flower bouquet may not be the ideal present for a cat person: their pet will curiously nibble on the buds, throw up on the carpet, then nonchalantly knock the vase off the table. We ventured into the wild to round up the best last-minute gifts — from stylish cat toys and hideaways to kitty-inspired accessories and home accents — that will last a lot longer too.

Btw, our editors (and their pets) picked out these products. They’re always in stock at the time we publish, but there’s a chance they’ll sell out. If you do buy through our links, we may earn a commission. (We’ve got a lot of toys to buy over here, you know?)

kitty ear stud earring

We admit it, checking Brooklyn boutique Catbird was almost too easy, but you will win Mother’s Day with this dainty gem. Every piece of jewelry that Parisian, LA-based designer Hortense makes is covetable, but peep her Instagram @hortenselovesjewelry and you’ll find she has a soft spot for felines and counts quintessential cat mom Emma Watson as a fan. This coquettish kitty ear single stud, in rose gold with white diamonds, is perfect for a curated ear of mismatched piercings. It’s the little things. — SAMANTHA GURRIE

$154 at Catbird
geometric printed cat collar with bell

A cat’s competitive spirit might not apply to accessories but that doesn’t mean they don’t also deserve a shiny bauble. Founded in New Orleans but now headquartered in Amsterdam, See Scout Sleep make environmentally friendly pet products from recycled plastic bottles and hemp webbing that are hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Their breakaway cat collars feature trippy, naturally dyed prints, brass hardware (including an adorable brass bell) and safety release buckles in case outdoor cats get caught while on the prowl.  

$19 at For The Furry
cat sitting on pedestal in front of pink and gold cat wallpaper

Cat people may not be able to pinpoint the exact moment their cat(s) took command of their homes, claiming valuable square footage with trees, hammocks, perches, and litter box planters that aren’t fooling anyone. Thankfully wallpaper can elevate a space with minimal effort and commitment. Printed with cavorting, stretching, and napping cats, this whimsical wallpaper comes in three colorways that even dog people must admit is pretty enchanting. Ease in with just enough for an accent wall.

$175 at Hygge & West
cat yoga puzzle

Sometimes you just want to stay in and snuggle your cat. Puzzles are the answer for cat people who don’t want to doom scroll the night away but require less expertise (read: effort) than other diversions like knitting or baking. They probably already watch their cat strike impressive yoga poses all day while self-grooming, so 500 pieces should provide just the right amount of amusement — so long as their real cat doesn’t chew the pieces into different shapes.

$14 at Amazon
modern cat scratch lounger

At first glance, this curvy piece of furniture doesn’t look like a cat scratching post. Which is kind of the point. The infinity shape offers cats a place to lounge or hide. It’s crafted from recycled cardboard and is reversible so after a cat shreds one side, it can be flipped over to start fresh. More importantly, it will save a cat mom’s real furniture when the claws come out.

$50 at Amazon

Samantha Gurrie

Samantha Gurrie

Samantha Gurrie is The Wildest’s Editor-in-Chief. She was previously the senior editor at NYLON magazine, co-publisher of Four&Sons, and director at Puerto Rican dog rescue The Sato Project. She lives in L.A. with her husband and rescued Pit Bull Midnight.