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Where to Find Sylvie’s Très Chic Cat Food Bowl From Emily in Paris

We found three cat bowls inspired by the French feline’s crockery.

by Charles Manning
January 13, 2022
silvie from emily in paris with her cat
Emily in Paris
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People love to trash talk Emily in Paris, but for my money, Sylvie Grateau, Emily’s boss at Savoir, is kind of the best. She’s chic and strong and calls Emily out on her bullshit, while still recognizing and appreciating her worth, both to the company and as a person. She’s not particularly warm, but as season two has shown, she does have a softer side. For one thing, she is a cat mom.

Her fur baby (although, of course, she would never refer to her as such) is a small, slim, and slightly rumpled Grey Shorthair, seen for just a moment toward the end of episode eight, during her morning feeding. In the scene, Sylvie, played by the wonderful Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, has just told her former lover, Antoine, to go f*ck himself, before sweeping across her apartment to lay down a bowl of freshly un-tinned cat food in a minimalist wooden stand on the floor.

Similar food-and-water-bowl setups can be found all over the internet for anywhere from $15 to $35, depending on the brand and whether you are looking for a double bowl like Sylvie uses, or a single. What makes Sylvie’s set-up unique, though, are the bowls themselves. The bowls that typically come with these wood bases are uniform in shape and color, and have sides that are approximately two-inches high. Sylvie’s bowls are shallower and have a slightly organic shape to them, which makes them appear handmade. (They probably did not, in fact, come with the stand, but were purchased separately by the show’s props department and are primarily intended for human use.)

The bowls have a slightly brownish lip, which means they are probably stoneware, with a white glaze as opposed to pure white ceramic or even porcelain. Given the way Sylvie smashes her spoon into the bowl’s base when un-tinning the cat food, they would seem to be sturdier than they look, which would also seem to indicate that they are stoneware. 

Exactly where the bowls come from is impossible to say. Prop stylists are genius shoppers and the bowls probably came from some little shop in Paris or were rented from a French prop house that purchased them decades ago. But you can find similarly shaped stoneware bowls at Petco and Walmart. If you want to stick with a French theme, these bowls from Merci, in Paris, are quite lovely. As long as they are about five inches in diameter, any bowl should fit well into whatever version of Sylvie’s little wood trivet situation you get yourself. Now, if only you could get the rest of your apartment to look like hers, right?

Charles Manning

Charles Manning is an actor, writer, and fashion/media consultant living in New York City with his two cats, Pumpkin and Bear. Follow him on Instagram @charlesemanning.