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Food & Food Toppers

Kibble or canned? Fresh or dehydrated? Human-grade?! We’ll help you choose the best pet food on the market.

A beautiful fat white cat sniffs a wicker basket of sweet potatoes.

Yep—but the plainer, the better. Here’s why.

Cat is interested of fresh cooked shrimp.

They definitely want to...

Cat eating out of metal bowl

Sharing isn’t always caring. Keep your cat safe by keeping these human snack staples to yourself.

Nutrition Calculator

If we could give our pets infinite treats, we would. But this tool will tell you the right amount to feed your friend.

Get calculating
Woman Sitting On Couch Petting Cat, drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows.

These puffy delights are non-toxic to our puffy delights (aka cats) but that doesn’t mean they should have s’more (get it?).

an orange and brown cat nibbles corn on the cob

A few kernels won’t hurt, but think twice before doling out a bowl of the stuff.

Woman feeding her puffy cat at the table.

We know they’re begging—but what’s safe to share?

Puppy eating his food next to the window.

Here’s what you need to know if you think your pet has been affected.

A cute gray cat lies next to candles and cinnamon sticks on a beige bedspread.

You love the spice in your mulled wine and cider. Learn if your cat can enjoy it.

a woman eats breakfast with pomegranate while her cat sits on her lap

Vets want them to steer clear. Here’s why.

Growth Charts

So, you have a new, tiny family member? Well, we’ll help you track their growth, keep an eye on their health, and even predict how not-so-tiny they’ll become. Just add their weight to start.

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Domestic Black Cat Begging for Tomatoes.

A little tomato’s safe — with some important caveats.

Man feeding small white and gray cat a chicken wing.

Careful — cooked chicken is way safer for your kitty.

A Birma Kat Smells Fresh Fish On A Board Ready To Be Cooked.

It’s a classic kitty snack, but don’t go overboard.

a cat stares at green grapes on a plate

This is one you’ll want to bookmark.

Cat laying on his side with catnip around him, on the kitchen table licking his lips.

They’re definitely pulling for the answer to be an emphatic “yes,” but...not so fast.

Crop hand holding carrot and feeding cat

Learn whether your little Bugs Bunny can crunch on the veggie.