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9 Year of the Tiger Gifts for Cat Lovers

Limited-edition Lunar New Year styles inspired by cats...ok big cats.

by Tim Barribeau
February 1, 2022
A woman sitting next to two tigers holding a cup of tea.
Courtesy of Gucci

Watching your cat stalk their way across the living room (on the hunt for a catnip-stuffed toy) it’s both easy and hard to see the link between our companions and the wild cats of the world. But even with this gulf, we can embrace the tiny tigers in our lives and celebrate their much, much larger cousins. And it just so happens that this is the Year of the Tiger. Today, February 1st, marks the Lunar New Year, and so a new animal in the Chinese zodiac steps to the forefront.

Lunar New Year is celebrated widely throughout East Asia and the Asian diaspora and has become a hot new holiday for designer capsule collections and limited-edition products and packaging. Given that the tiger is arguably more gorgeous an animal than the ox or the rat of the past two years (stripes!), it seems more collections than ever before are dropping. As we roll into the year of our second-favorite cat, here are nine products to celebrate, from a Maharishi embroidered tour jacket to Nike Air Force 1s with a stripey swoosh to Marni’s artist-printed accessories. There’s even something for your pet.

tim barribeau

Tim Barribeau

Tim Barribeau is a freelance writer, editor, cat dad, and “help your boyfriend buy a suit that actually fits for once” consultant. He was previously the Style and Pets editor at Wirecutter, and has bylines at a bunch of publications that don't exist anymore (and a couple that still do).