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7 Grooming Tools to Keep Your Cat Looking Like a Minx

Give them the day off from self-grooming.

by Mai Lynn Miller Nguyen
March 31, 2021
white cat being brushed

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While you spent quarantine panic-buying hair dye and butchering your bangs, your low-maintenance cat continued to spend half their waking hours engaged in fastidious self-grooming. Still, low-maintenance is not no-maintenance. And, as much as they may beg to differ, your cat could use a hand every now and then. We rounded up six cat grooming products and one plush robe (because: this guy) you never knew you needed.

Btw, our editors (and their pets) picked out these products. They’re always in stock at the time we publish, but there’s a chance they’ll sell out. If you do buy through our links, we may earn a commission. (We’ve got a lot of toys to buy over here, you know?)

The pandemic has been almost as confusing a time for pets as it has been for people. While Velcro dogs never want it to end, cats may be craving some space. But we can all agree that a spa day is in order. Our first product recommendation is less a grooming tool than attire, so your cat can catch the vibe. You’re not wrong if you think this small animal-sized bathrobe resembles a swaddle, something cats who like to hide can appreciate — as will you when you start clipping nails.

$41 at Etsy

When it comes to keeping clean, most cats are all set with saliva and a scratchy tongue. If your cat is particularly stinky, waterless shampoo is as genius an idea for pets as dry shampoo is for us. Well & Good’s spray mist is dispensed so quickly, your cat won’t know what hit ’em. And the aloe vera, coconut, and rosemary formula will keep your cat so fresh, so clean, and smelling amazing. If you want to brave bathing a cat, check out a how-to in the Related Articles below.

$8 at Petco

Your cat’s thick undercoat is no match for this de-shedding tool, which will brush away fur before it transforms into a tumbleweed blowing about your apartment. There are different models for short and longhaired breeds, each with a ‘FURejector’ to discard the hair that would have otherwise blanketed every surface of your home. Getting ahold of an undercoat rake for cats might be the best investment you make all year.

$34 at Chewy

One way that cats express their affection for us is by licking, drawing upon memories of how their mothers groomed them… You see where we’re going with this but no, we aren’t going to suggest you actually lick your cat. [Collective sigh of relief.] The LICKI brush is the perfect way to return the favor and give your cat the sensation of being lovingly groomed, sans human hairball. The tongue-shaped silicone brush has a flat end that fits into a human mouth so you can make like a mama cat and, well, you get the picture. It’s pretty weird but hey, the things we do for love.

$22 at PDX Pet Design

The sweetest kitten can metamorphose into a feral tiger when threatened with a nail trim. For this delicate operation, we suggest gingerly approaching your cat, ideally when they’re sleeping, and muster as many snips as possible before they realize they’re under siege. Millers Forge’s plier-style clippers are the best nail trimmers that should be in every cat owner’s tool kit. They are spring-loaded for cutting precision and the safety stop prevents over-cutting.

$7 at Chewy

Maybe you’ve been reading along, chuckling, thinking, Yeah no, my cat’s not going be cool with any of this. We’ve got you. If you’ve lost many a battle attempting to groom your cat, a grooming bag will get the job done and will be a little less intimidating to your cat than a pair of falconry gloves. Just zip your cat securely into the bag (super easy, JK) and poke one paw at a time out through front and rear zippers. Ask for forgiveness later.

$22 at Chewy

Mai Lynn Miller Nguyen

Mai Lynn Miller Nguyen is a freelance culture writer who launched a neighborhood publication called The Pet Times while in elementary school. She is a devoted (read: obsessed) pet parent to Pippi, a spirited little orange cat who was found in the wilds of Michigan in 2020, has since crossed the country three times, and loves to climb trees.