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Dave Coast with his white dog

Dave Coast is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Digital Creator living in Los Angeles, CA. Coast founded the world’s first 21-day  EcoNutrition Challenge to inspire people to take climate action while simultaneously improving their health. He is the winner of a 2017 Shorty Award for social media excellence. His work has been featured in GQ, OUT, Mother Jones, VeryWell, Apartment Therapy, The Manual, Outside magazine and more. He regularly creates content about nutrition, fitness, healthy living, men’s grooming, LGBT relationships, and sustainability.

What inspired you to use your platform to promote nutrition for people and their pets? 

I’m a registered holistic nutritionist and it’s my mission to help people care for themselves, others, and the planet...why not pets too?

What is your pet parenting philosophy? 

The three pillars of my pet parenting style are: good food, daily play time, and lots of nature.

How do you think others can be more sustainable pet parents? 

Read my articles on the Wildest. ;)

What is your best piece of pet parenting advice? 

Define clear roles and boundaries with your dog. Above all else, be consistent. And when in doubt, be kind but firm.

What’s the wildest part of being a pet parent? 

Watching how everyone in your circle does it. Just like raising kids, everyone does it a little differently. I love watching my friends with their animals; it always gives me such incredible insight into their personalities.

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