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Nice, you got your pack.
Here’s what to do now.

You may already be using some of your perks. But now that you got your actual pack, here are three things to do.

1. Set up your wellness monitor
Let the unboxing begin! All the setup details are in your Whistle Health box. But the first thing you’ll want to do is charge your device and download the Whistle app. Then, you can activate it through the app, pop it on your pup’s collar, and start tracking their health and activity.  (It’ll take 2-7 days to see insights.)

FYI: Once you have some data from your monitor, you may have questions about your dog’s activity, health, behavior, or nutrition. You can use Ask a Vet Premium any time, or ask your Pack Guides to set up a specialty consultation.

Download the Whistle app

2. Send in your dog's DNA sample
The sooner you send your dog’s DNA, the sooner you can get to know them on a whole new level. FYI: you’ll want to read the instructions in the Wisdom Panel box first. But from there, you just have to activate your kit, grab your dog’s sample, and drop it in the mailbox to send to the lab. (It’ll take 2-3 weeks to get results.)

FYI: Once you get your dog’s DNA results, you can discuss them with a Genetic Counselor to really unpack your new discoveries about your pup. Your Pack Guides will help you set that up, so just let them know when you’re ready.

Activate your Wisdom Panel kit

3. Check in with your Pack Guides
Your Pack Guides are here to help you connect all the dots, map out your pet parenting plan, and give you ongoing support through every step of life with your pup. On top of personalized advice, they can also answer setup questions, arrange specialist consultations, and help you use all your perks.

So if you haven’t talked with them yet, now’s the time to say hello. (Already talked? We love to hear it.)

Email a Pack Guide