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Dr. Lindsay Butzer, holds a puppy

Dr. Lindsay Butzer, DVM

    Dr. Lindsay Butzer completed her bachelor’s in science at Colorado State University and her veterinary studies were done at Ross University and her clinical year at Tufts in Massachusetts. She completed several weeks of externships in New York City that gave her the confidence to enter private practice. Dr. Lindsay Butzer enjoys animal reproduction and showing her AKC dogs, and her stories are filled with puppies and kittens and her pets. She also runs her family’s animal medical rescue Clint Moore Rescue LLC, where she collects donations to save over 20 pets per year who need veterinary care in her area.

    Dr. Lindsay Butzer writes pet-related health and wellness articles and continues to make fun and serious content related to pets. She is also a social media ambassador for Barco Uniforms.

    Articles featuring Dr. Lindsay Butzer, DVM

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