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Dr. Amy Fox cuddling a dog

Dr. Amy Fox, DVM

Dr. Amy Fox

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    Dog and cat staring at each other inside a home.

    Allergies in Dogs: Can Dogs Be Allergic to Cats?

    Don’t blame the cat...

    Having breakfast and peanut butter with dog at home.

    Can Dogs Eat Peanuts?

    Peanuts are a great occasional protein-packed snack, but pay attention to this guidance.

    Women in the kitchen baking mushroom pizza with her dog.

    Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms?

    Your dog is a fun-gi, but be careful which shrooms they eat.

    Woman giving pill to Beagle Dog.

    How Much Benadryl Can I Give My Dog?

    Always, always, always talk to your vet first.

    Dog staring at chocolate cake on counter.
    nutrition|Can My Dog Eat This?

    Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?

    No isn’t a strong enough answer here. Learn why.